Bat’s Blood Martinis at Dream A Little Bigger!

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If you’re throwing a Halloween bash in the next week, don’t leave these creepy and delicious martinis off the menu! Head over to Dream A Little Bigger to get my full recipe and don’t forget to check out Gypsies Crafts & Treats for all of your handmade Halloween party supplies like these bat garnish sticks!

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Mad Scientist Cupcakes with “Brain” Buttercream Frosting

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It’s a little bit ironic that I’m doing this post today because I feel like I’m missing my OWN brain! Sleep deprivation + copious amounts of coffee = delirium, so bear with me if this post suddenly turns into incoherent dribble. I’ve been dreaming of making these cupcakes since last October so I’m really excited to finally share them with you! I was inspired with the idea after seeing Sprinkle Bake’s amazing Frankenweenie cake a few years ago (seriously, she is talented beyond words!) and adapted her cake recipe into these brainy cupcakes! Fun, creepy, and delicious.. everything a Halloween treat should be!


Mulled Wine with Cinnamon Infused Rum

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Before I get into how dangerously amazing this mulled wine is I first need to discuss what I call, “The Grocery Store Conspiracy.” I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but every time I set out to our local grocery store to get items for dinner or blog posts, I find they’re always missing that one KEY ingredient that makes the recipe complete! Anyone remember the Mummy Manicotti recipe from last October? I had to go to THREE grocery stores before I found one that stocked manicotti pasta!

Well I experienced that yet again when searching for star anise, which is a key component in almost any mulled wine recipe. Instead of scouring all of Portland for this magical Chinese spice, I decided to do what I do best.. IMPROVISE! See the original recipe and the substitute I used for flavor in case you run into the same problem. No matter which option you choose, you’ll end up with a sweet, citrusy, and aromatic fall cocktail to warm you up on cold days!


Daily Life

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As you saw in yesterday’s Tattoosday, we spent our weekend at the Portland Tattoo Expo! We had a really good time, brought home some new artwork, and even an award for my thigh tattoo! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational next spring!

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And speaking of spring.. our weather has been a little bit crazy and we’re still getting some fairly nice days. My garden is still producing tomatoes, beets, and red onions…and of course itsy bitsy spiders like this guy!

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If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen my update about our little deck dweller, Mokiki. He went from skittish and skinny to a plump and loving kitty in just a few months. We’ll be taking him into the vet in about a week or two to get the green light to bring him inside. We’ve been slowly introducing him and Punk to one another and I’m sure there will be a few scuffles, but we’re confident they’ll become buddies!

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You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to (partially Punk’s fault for using my laptop as her bed!) and it’s because life got a whole lot busier over the last few weeks! In addition to Tattooed Martha and the freelance blog work that I do, I just picked up two more part time jobs so we have plenty of dough (the green kind!) rolling in for the holiday season. Not to burst the bubbles of future bloggers, but it’s not as easy as it may look to earn revenue from your posts. It can take a long time before you see any payoff from all the hard work you do and unfortunately I’m tired of waiting around, so I’m staying proactive in the meantime.

What does that mean for Tattooed Martha? Don’t worry.. I’m not going anywhere! I just might not be able to do as many posts as I like right now. I know that even though the work I’m doing will take me away from the blog temporarily, those ventures will help fund future projects and where I ultimately want to take my business in the future.

I’ll have a brand new cocktail for you all to try on Friday and a creepy cupcake recipe on Sunday.. just in time for your Halloween parties!

Thank you all for being tremendously supportive and encouraging through all the ups, downs, and changes in my blog as well as my life! :) Have a great rest of the week!

Tattoosday: 6th Annual Portland Tattoo Expo

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Artist Rachel Gilbert

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This weekend we attended the sixth annual Portland Tattoo Expo, which was a nice change of pace since we didn’t have to fly or drive multiple hours like we do most conventions! Sadly, I had a missing SD card from my camera and Josh’s camera was having some malfunctions of its own so our photos are a bit limited. Josh had a steady stream of tattoos all weekend and I finally showed my completed thigh piece which earned us 1st place for Best Large Color!

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To see the completed piece, follow Bacon_Tattoos on Instagram!

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Photo by House Ink

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As always we saw tons of old friends, made lots of new ones, caught a few burlesque acts, and picked up some great artwork like this print from painter, Gustavo Rimada. Give this guy a follow on Instagram to see his latest works!

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To see more photos, head over to my good friend’s Facebook page for her new online magazine, House Ink!

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies at Dream A Little Bigger

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I know some of you might just want to scream if you see another pumpkin spice recipe, but you have to believe me when I say, this one is soooo worth trying! They’re soft, chewy, and irresistible so I recommend doubling the batch! Get my recipe at Dream A Little Bigger!

Tattoosday: Artist Spotlight – Kelly Doty


Image Source:

Given that we’re in the month that celebrates all things creepy, kooky, and twisted, I wanted to celebrate an artist whose work embodies all of that and more..


Image Source:

Kelly Doty has been humbly carving out a name for herself in the tattoo industry over the last seven years by consistently creating one-of-a-kind art in her slightly twisted, signature style.


Image Source:

Not only that, but she seems like the kind of gal that would tromp around an old cemetery with you while in full Crow make-up, and that instantly boosts anyone up by at least 10 points in my book! ;)


You can see more of Kelly’s work at, become a fan on Facebook, or follow on Instagram!

Halloween Giveaway at Gypsies Crafts & Treats!

Halloween Giveaway

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week so far.. and if not, I’ve got something to cheer you up.. Amber of Gypsies Crafts & Treats is doing a giveaway from her Etsy shop! One lucky winner will receive a custom Halloween party package of their choice which includes cupcake toppers or a cake topper, bunting, 10 buffet lables, 20 favor tags, AND printable invitations! Everything you need to host a spooky soirée! Head over to her Giveaway Post for contest rules and be sure to enter before the 12th!

DIY Moon and Bats Throw Pillow

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After getting all of my Halloween décor up in our home, I realized we didn’t have a whole lot of decorations in our bedroom. I decided to add a fun little throw pillow to our bed so we would always have an eerie October moon! It’s an inexpensive and unique way to add some spooky charm to your home! Follow my step-by-step tutorial to make your own!


Daily Life

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Hello October! I’ve waited 11 months for you to roll around again so I’m going to make sure I appreciate every day this month!

I said goodbye to September and twenty-five yesterday by spending the day at the pumpkin patch. I’m at the point in my life where I appreciate experiences with good company on my birthday more than I do free Jell-O shots from the bar, so my day might seem boring to some, but it was perfect for me. We loaded up on pumpkins, took way too many photos (including the awkward family photo and prom poses below), and fed the farm animals. I was THIS close to pig-napping one of the baby pigs there!

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (3) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (4) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (5) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (6) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (7) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (8) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (9) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (10) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (11) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 109 (12)

I didn’t get as many items checked off my Birthday Bucket List as I would have liked, but it definitely jump-started my list again in exploring new activities, skills, and places. Given that we’re in the last half of 2014, I think I’ll make it a goal to try and accomplish 3-5 items each month until the end of the year. Stay tuned to future Daily Life posts or follow along on Instagram to see which items I accomplish!

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What’s one item you hope to check off YOUR list before the end of the year?

A big thank you to all that wished me a happy birthday yesterday and an extra special thank you to Josh and Britnee for celebrating the day with me!

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