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Hello October! I’ve waited 11 months for you to roll around again so I’m going to make sure I appreciate every day this month!

I said goodbye to September and twenty-five yesterday by spending the day at the pumpkin patch. I’m at the point in my life where I appreciate experiences with good company on my birthday more than I do free Jell-O shots from the bar, so my day might seem boring to some, but it was perfect for me. We loaded up on pumpkins, took way too many photos (including the awkward family photo and prom poses below), and fed the farm animals. I was THIS close to pig-napping one of the baby pigs there!

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I didn’t get as many items checked off my Birthday Bucket List as I would have liked, but it definitely jump-started my list again in exploring new activities, skills, and places. Given that we’re in the last half of 2014, I think I’ll make it a goal to try and accomplish 3-5 items each month until the end of the year. Stay tuned to future Daily Life posts or follow along on Instagram to see which items I accomplish!

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What’s one item you hope to check off YOUR list before the end of the year?

A big thank you to all that wished me a happy birthday yesterday and an extra special thank you to Josh and Britnee for celebrating the day with me!

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Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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Who’s ready for some comfort food?! I’ve been dreaming of this soup for about a year now and finally decided to make it. I wish I could take credit for such a delicious dish, but Jaclyn from Cooking Classy, provided an impeccable recipe which I stuck pretty close to when making my own. It’s creamy, rich, hearty, and perfect for the chilly days ahead!


Halloween Flower Crown

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Flower crowns are pretty easy to make.. hot glue some flowers to a ribbon and you’re done! I could have gone that route, but I wanted something that was going to hold up better and not slip off while I was wearing it.. because when you’re busy being Queen of The Undead the last thing you have time for is your gothic flower crown falling off! ;) I put together a step-by-step tutorial for you to follow on how to create your very own crown for Halloween or any other occasion that calls for a dark and dramatic headdress!


Apple Pie Shots at Dream A Little Bigger

Tattooed Martha - Apple Pie Shots Header

If you’re looking for a cocktail to serve at your next Halloween party or perhaps you just need an excuse to sharpen your pumpkin carving skills.. look no further than my festive Apple Pie Shots! Simple and delicious.. get the full recipe and tutorial at Dream A Little Bigger!

Daily Life

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The past few weeks have been extremely busy socially and I’m finding myself struggling to keep up! I know that waiting for life to calm down is a bit of a waste of time because in my experience, it only seems to pick up the pace! I’m doing my best to keep up with comments, emails, and questions so hang in there with me!

Last Saturday we attended the after party for Bon Appetit’s Feast Portland event held at Cooper’s Hall Winery and Taproom. It’s a gorgeous and spacious venue that actually keeps the winery and taproom open to let guests have a closer look at the wine making process. Since Sailor Jerry Rum was one of the sponsors, they invited my husband, Josh, to tattoo a few Sailor Jerry flash designs on after party-goers as sort of a ‘party favor.’ People were completely bewildered to see tattoos happening at a food and drink festival, but they loved it all the same. Thank you again to Paul for having us and all of the amazing people we met while there!

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My friend, Britnee, moved into her new place on Monday so Josh and I went out for a little day-date. First up.. coffee and food at Pambiche, a little Cuban restaurant that serves up the best mochas I’ve ever had and even better food! I’ve never been to Cuba to sample their cuisine, but I have to imagine that Pambiche is keeping things pretty damn authentic to recipes from Cuba. After that we headed over to Pix Patisserie so I could FINALLY try a macaron. Probably the best and worst decision of my life.. I now understand what all the hype is about and I can easily see myself devouring an entire box on the couch in lieu of going to the gym!

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We also had the Bostons for a few days which was perfect timing with the weather change. Portland finally decided fall was here and it’s been great snuggling up with the pups during these cool days. The cooler weather also brought on a slew of new ideas for October, so if you guys are ready for it… let the Halloween cooking and crafting begin! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a fall-themed drink at Dream A Little Bigger and Saturday will be a DIY accessory that’s perfect for Halloween!

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Have you all made the transition to fall yet? What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Grapefruit Mint Spritzer (Non-Alcoholic)

  Tattooed Martha - Grapefruit Mint Spritzer (Non-Alcoholic) (1)

A little while back, Cheryl from 40 Aprons, asked me to participate in a virtual baby shower surprise for her good friend and fellow blogger, Melissa of A Teaspoon of Happiness. I was honored and excited at the chance to help celebrate this joyous occasion! Obviously some of my past boozy concoctions would not be too appropriate for a real baby shower, so I set out to make something light, refreshing, and family-friendly. These festive pink grapefruit spritzers are exactly that and of course easily adapted as a cocktail as well. Myself and several other bloggers have contributed recipes to help celebrate Melissa’s baby girl’s arrival this October so be sure to click through for their delicious dishes as well!


Chocolate Banana S’more Ice Cream

Tattooed Martha - Chocolate Banana S'more Ice Cream (5)

A few weeks ago on our camping trip I cooked up some delicious banana s’mores around the campfire (don’t worry, the recipe for those are coming soon!) and it got me thinking of how to incorporate those elements in another form. My sugar-free chocolate banana ice cream recipe was the perfect base for this decadent ice cream concoction and I was surprised at how much it tasted like I was eating an actual s’more! The best part is that I didn’t have to worry about washing the pungent campfire smell out of my clothes after making it! ;)


Pumpkin Spice and Honey Face Mask

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It’s been a little while since I’ve done any DIY beauty tutorials here on the blog and given that we’re in the season for all things pumpkin spice, I thought this would be the perfect return post! Not only does this mask smell (and taste) delicious, but it packs tons of benefits for your skin! Cinnamon and honey are both great for treating acne, reducing the signs of aging, and unclogging pores. Use this mask once a week and your skin will thank you later!


Daily Life

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Last weekend you might have seen that I took over the Sailor Jerry Instagram and shared photos from our three day camping adventure, but now you get the details!

We packed up the car Friday afternoon which left a small 3 foot by 3 foot area in the back for me to squeeze into. I lost feeling to my lower half about 10 minutes in and after a 3 hour drive, we finally arrived at the campsite at Blue River Lake!

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Our friend had stumbled across the spot about a month before and had saved the GPS coordinates so we could find this gem of a camping spot again. It was right on the bank of a creek, which we had fun exploring all weekend and it made for the perfect white noise at night when we went to sleep. We had the entire area to ourselves and spent most of our time cooking and having drinks around the campfire.

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (2) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (5) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (4) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (10)

We went down to the lake on our second day to go for a swim in the beautiful green-blue water which was much needed to wash off all the camping grime!

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (3) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 107 (7)

The last day there we were all feeling a little rough and definitely yearning for a good night’s rest in a REAL bed and being able to use a REAL toilet! Haha we packed up, cleaned up our campsite, and hit the road again to Portland.

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Of course I whipped up some delicious campfire recipes that you’ll see very soon and we’re already plotting our next camping excursion for the beginning of October.

Anyone else doing some end of summer/fall camping? What’s your favorite campfire recipe?

Pancetta Wrapped Chicken Stuffed Peppers

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I was craving stuffed peppers a few weeks ago, but was a little bit bored with the basic Italian sausage stuffed pepper recipes out there. I decided to lighten them up a bit by using lemon pepper chicken, crumbled goat cheese, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes straight from my garden. I wrapped them in pancetta and baked them to create a zesty, hearty, and healthy dish that the whole family will love!


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