Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits

Tattooed Martha - Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits (11)

Last week I cooked up a big batch of my Hearty Jalapeno Chili but instead of pairing it with traditional cornbread muffins I went with some savory Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Biscuits instead! I used a self-rising flour and brushed the tops with butter which made for a beautiful buttery flakey crust, but the best part was that nearly every bite had a little piece of salty bacon, gooey melted cheddar, and the perfect amount of heat from the peppers. It’s a flavor trio that never disappoints! I enjoyed mine with a bowl of chili, but they’re honestly quite tasty enough to snack on by themselves or to pair up with gravy for a hearty breakfast of biscuits and gravy!


Spicy Coconut Carrot Soup at Dream A Little Bigger

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Fresh carrots, cilantro, and a little spice make this the perfect soup to warm up with on a chilly fall night! Head over to Dream A Little Bigger for my recipe to this delicious Spicy Coconut Carrot Soup!

French Toast and Sausage Muffins

Tattooed Martha - French Toast and Sausage Muffins (5)

Breakfast is typically something I’m scarfing down on the way to work or a meal I skip entirely, so to break that habit I put together some scrumptious French Toast and Sausage Muffins that can actually be prepped the night before! French toast and breakfast sausage is one of my favorite combos because the flavors work together perfectly to satisfy that sweet and savory craving. The muffin size makes portion control easy and a great brunch option for a large group!


Simple Lemon Dill Salmon with Cucumber Cilantro Sauce

Simple Lemon Dill Salmon with Cucumber Cilantro Sauce (8)

Salmon is one of my favorite go-to proteins to cook with. It’s healthy, lean, full of great flavor, and quick to cook, but to be honest, I’ve been a little bored with it lately. I decided to switch things up and pair it with a fresh cucumber cilantro yogurt sauce. The vibrant flavors from the sauce paired perfectly with the citrus and herbs I used to season the fillets. I added a pat of butter to the top of each fillet so that while they cooked they slowly absorbed the melting butter making for the juiciest, most tender salmon I’ve ever had!


10 Decadent Rum Spiked Desserts

Tattooed Martha - 10 Decadent Rum Spiked Desserts

Today rum swillers everywhere will be celebrating National Rum Day, but what about those who aren’t big drinkers? Not to worry, I’ve taken care of you too by providing some of my favorite rum spiked goodies for you to enjoy!

First up…


Sailor Sundae Cupcakes – This one is the mother of all rum spiked goodness! Chocolate rum cake with a chocolate rum ganache filling, topped with rum buttercream frosting, and drizzled with a chocolate rum sauce and caramel rum sauce. My only regret was not soaking those cherries in rum too!


Boozy Brownies with Salted Caramel Rum Sauce – This is in the top five of my most popular recipes.. and for good reason! Fudgy rich brownies topped with a caramel rum sauce and sprinkled lightly with sea salt. It makes for the perfect sweet and salty treat!


Toasted Coconut and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Rum – The most delicious banana bread I’ve made to date!


Rum Spiked Carrot Cake Doughnuts – A richly spiced cake doughnut topped with a rum spiked cream cheese frosting. The notes in Sailor Jerry Rum really bring out the flavor of the carrot cake!


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Rum Cake with Real Strawberry Frosting – Chocolate rum cake, fresh strawberry rum frosting, and strawberries dipped in a chocolate rum ganache! This made the perfect Blogiversary cake for me!


Sailor Spiked Bacon and Chocolate Chip Cookies – Rum. Bacon. Chocolate. Do I need to elaborate any further?


Rum Spiked Red Velvet Swirl Brownies – Okay.. clearly I love brownies. A slight variation on the salted caramel brownies above, a decadent red velvet and cream cheese mix to create that beautiful marbled look.


Pumpkin Spice Rum Balls – We’re quickly approaching Pumpkin Spice Season and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it then with these tasty no-bake balls of deliciousness! Yep.. you can quote that: BALLS of DELICIOUSNESS.


Sailor Berry Pie – The first pie I’ve ever made from scratch and I don’t think I’ll ever make a pie without rum again!

And because I’m so excited for Halloween this year….


REDRUM Cake with Boozy Cream Cheese Frosting – This was as much fun to create as it was to devour it! Red velvet rum cake with rum spiked cream cheese frosting, then topped with a strawberry sauce for a deliciously gory effect!

And just a friendly reminder.. alcohol never completely cooks out of food contrary to the old wive’s tale that it does. I’m sure your kiddo would be okay to enjoy one cupcake or doughnut, but use your best judgement and as always.. enjoy responsibly! 😉

Sweet Tea Swagger at Dream A Little Bigger

Tattooed Martha - Sweet Tea Swagger with Watermelon Ice Cubes (0)

National Rum Day is this Sunday and I put together an end of the summer cocktail for you to celebrate with! Head over to Dream A Little Bigger to get my recipe for a Sweet Tea Swagger with Watermelon Ice Cubes!

Tattooed Martha - Sweet Tea Swagger with Watermelon Ice Cubes (4)

Daily Life

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 128

I haven’t had a lot of passion to write lately because to be honest.. what I’m feeling isn’t anything I want to write about. This blog is meant to be a source of inspiration and positivity and I’m feeling quite the opposite about life right now.

I’m stuck between the dreadful, “rock and a hard place” it seems. I’m looking at picking up a 40+ hour a week job in an industry I said I would never go back to. I will also be working another part time job to fill the evenings and weekends so we can finally have enough to get moved into a new place.

We’ve been trying to fathom the idea of moving for the last year now and it still hasn’t happened. Portland is pretty well populated, not leaving a lot of places open that are affordable or in a good neighborhood. Most places are asking for a large security deposit, pet deposits, first AND last month’s rent, leaving us with what seems like an impossible task of coughing up $4k or more just to get moved into a new home. It might sound easy to some, but when you’re already living paycheck to paycheck, this amount is quite daunting.

I know that with our determination and work ethic we’ll make it happen, but I can’t help but feel like I’m about to serve a prison sentence by going back to work for corporate America. I’m desperately hoping I can find something less soul-draining before September starts… or that I can become the female John Dillinger and go a crime spree across the country while robbing banks.

I kid.. kind of.

Tattooed Martha isn’t going anywhere though. It just means I’ll have to work that much harder in the few spare moments I get throughout the week. Just be patient with me and continue to comment, email me, and share posts because that’s truly the fire that keeps me going!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and feel free to share any bank robbing tips and tricks below! 😉

Chai Spiced Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting

Tattooed Martha - Chai Spiced Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting (6)

If you caught my first Friday Failures post a few days ago then you saw that my first attempt at these didn’t turn out so hot, but attempt #2 was an absolute success! A blend of spices create a rich and flavorful cake while the airy whipped cream frosting makes it feel like a chai spiced latte in cupcake form. And although we still have another month or so left of summer, these decadent little cupcakes will have you dreaming of cool fall days!


Friday Failures

Friday Failures 1

One of the main driving forces behind the creation of Tattooed Martha was to show everyone the good AND the bad. Even the best cooks, bakers, and creators have failures, but they don’t always talk about it or show you. I want readers to learn from my mistakes and not feel so discouraged after making a few of their own, so I present to you the first edition of Friday Failures!

Tattooed Martha_13 (1)

Photo by Lindsey Rickert Photography

I’ve been craving fall recipes so I spent a day with my friend and her two daughters cooking up all kinds of fall flavored deliciousness. I decided to make (or rather attempted to make) chai spiced cupcakes with a chai spiced whipped cream frosting. Moments before the timer went off I got a strange feeling about the status of my cupcakes and decided to peek in at them. Instead of a beautiful dozen fluffy cupcakes, I had a dozen deflated cake cups.

Friday Failures 2

After the initial horror and disappointment wore off we all had a good laugh about it and awkwardly picked at the cake cups with a fork to enjoy what we could. They were still quite delicious, but not exactly the end product that I was hoping for.

So where did I go wrong?

I get a lot of requests for gluten-free dessert recipes and since my friend had gluten-free flour on hand, I decided to give it a shot. Typically you can just swap the flour in any recipe for gluten-free flour, but apparently that’s not always the case! I’ve since made them again with all-purpose flour and they turned out perfect, so check back on Sunday to get the recipe!

Friday Failures 3

Have you had this happen to you? Any tips from gluten-free bakers?

I hope Friday Failures will be a regular feature that helps others learn from my mistakes, get inspired to keep trying, and if nothing else.. provides you a good laugh! Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Daily Life

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (1)

A few days before our one year wedding anniversary, Josh and I hit the coast to “our beach.” The sky was overcast and there was a slight breeze which was a welcome change from the scorching hot days we’ve been getting in Portland. While we were walking down the beach to find a good spot, we came across a little driftwood shanty someone had put together. It already had a fire pit set up, a log bench, and log to lean against in front of the fire. We quickly claimed it for ourselves, started a fire, and had a little picnic. We may or may have not been seriously considering staying there and making it our permanent home!

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (2) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (3) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (4) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (5) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (6)

I think it was that day at the beach that I caught Fall Fever.. I broke out the Halloween decorations the other day and I’m slowly putting them up throughout the house. I also had a baking day with my good friend Mary and her two daughters. On the menu: My Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes, chai spice cupcakes (which although they were a disaster, they still tasted amazing!), and pumpkin spice cookies! It was a great way to start out my Recipes With Friends feature and the Friday Failures feature as well! Check back on Friday for a good laugh to see my cupcake fail.

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (7) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 127 (8)

There’s been some slow, but steady progress on my half-year resolutions that I mentioned in the last Daily Life. I’ve been going to the gym on a regular basis for the last week… which helps balance out my Ben and Jerry’s addiction.. and I’ve reached out to a few web designers about revamping Tattooed Martha. The only goal I haven’t made progress on is changing everything over to my married name. It’s like voluntarily getting a root canal! I’ll do it soon, I promise!

Well I’ve got a full day of cooking ahead so that’s all I have for you now, but I want to hear who else has caught Fall Fever! What part of fall are you looking forward to most? Favorite fall recipes? Leave a comment below and have a happy Wednesday!

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