Jalapeño Mango Martini at Dream A Little Bigger

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Banish the winter blues with a sweet and spicy Jalapeño Mango Martini! Find my recipe at Dream A Little Bigger!

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Daily Life

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I apologize for the randomness of this post, but to be quite honest that’s what my life has been lately!

We just finished the last session on my leg so it should be all healed by the time we show it off at the Evergreen Tattoo Invitational. I still can’t believe that after 45 hours and some very painful sessions that we’re done! Well.. for now. The cruel joke about being married to your tattoo artist is that they like to “tinker” or give something another pass, so you’re never truly done with a tattoo. :(

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Another version of my Patch Necklace.. find the tutorial here!
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I’m trying to be better at utilizing my days off for projects and organizing instead of just catching up on sleep.. even though Punk makes it extremely difficult to get out of bed when she’s all snuggled up with me. Yesterday I took an idea that had been sketched in my notebook for months and finally brought it to fruition! Stay tuned for the tutorial.. here’s a little sneak peek!

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I also just wanted to take a moment to give a little shout out to my friend and fellow blogger, Amber, of Gypsies Crafts & Treats. Chances are you’ve seen here awesome cupcake and cake toppers in posts of mine before. She was kind enough to send me another little care package with these awesome tattoo flash inspired toppers! She’s an amazing writer and a phenomenal crafter so be sure to check out both her blog and Etsy shop!

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With job juggling I haven’t been able to share as many personal posts, so if you want to keep up in between posts you can always follow along on Instagram because I’m shamelessly addicted and always find time to post there! Haha here’s a few more photos from the past week!

A test shot for the photo booth gig I worked last week.. I’m extremely photogenic after 2 1/2 hours of sleep and a 3 hour car ride!

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A beautiful view of Mt. Rainier from the shoot location.

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I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Rum Spiked Red Velvet Swirl Brownies

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Last year one of the most popular posts was for the decadently delicious Boozy Brownies with Salted Caramel Rum Sauce! Since then I’ve been trying to think of a way to top them and I realized.. I can’t! They’re just TOO good! Instead I’m giving you guys a variation of the original with these Rum Spiked Red Velvet Swirl Brownies! Spiked with a healthy dose of rum and a cream cheese swirl, these will make the perfect Valentines Day treat for your loved ones or coworkers. And hey.. there’s no judgement here if you decide to just devour the whole pan yourself!


The Heartbreaker Cocktail

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We’ve all had our hearts broken a time or two and have probably crushed a few hearts along the way as well. We can all agree that no matter which part you play, the feeling (for lack of a better expression) completely sucks! Instead of wallowing in your misery, get back on your feet, and make yourself a drink to celebrate! You’ve got a fresh start and there’s no sense in wasting it by feeling sorry for yourself… okay.. I’ll allow you to throw a Pity Party for 20 minutes, but after that you’ve got no excuses! Aside from love advice, my Valentines Day gift to you is this refreshing new Heartbreaker cocktail! It’s sweet and crisp with a smooth finish from the Sailor Jerry that will make you forget all about the dirty scoundrel or rotten sea wench that broke your heart in the first place! ;) (more…)

Bloody Valentine Heart Wreath

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I don’t know about you guys, but Valentine’s Day kind of makes me sick. Even though I’m happily married and very much in love, this holiday is still not a favorite of mine… The sickening amounts of heart shaped candy, the large pointless teddy bears, and stupid chubby baby decor everywhere. I guess you can call me the Scrooge of Valentines Day. I did a bit of brainstorming and decided to kind of get into the spirit, but of course in my own weird morbid way.

Given that Friday the 13th will be the day before Valentines Day this year I thought I would celebrate both with a creepy blood splattered heart wreath! It’s perfect for any other anti-Valentines Day people out there that would still like to hang up some decor without becoming physically ill from staring at red and pink hearts all day!


Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

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It’s rare that I ever watch the Super Bowl, but when I do I take full advantage of overindulging in snacks, beer, and yelling nonsensically at the TV about fouls or goals and other sports terms that I know nothing about… It’s a good time either way! In addition to all of that I’ll be looking forward to serving up this cheesy decadent fusion of pizza and a loaded baked potato! Built on top of a homemade whole wheat crust, slathered with sour cream, topped with hearty chunks of potato, bacon, and green onion, and finally finished off with a layer of gooey cheddar cheese. Even if your team doesn’t win, you’ll still be satisfied after a slice or two of this pie!


Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie at Dream A Little Bigger

Tattooed Martha - Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie Header

It’s the beginning of the year and we’re all being a little bit more conscious about what we’re eating, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing dessert! Now you can have your strawberry shortcake and drink it too with a delicious Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie! Head over to Dream A Little Bigger for my recipe to this protein packed smoothie and indulge that sweet tooth of yours!

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Bacon Jalapeno Monterey Jack Grilled Cheese

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If you’re a close friend or if you’ve been reading the blog for a while then you know I’m a huge Parks and Recreation fan and reference it constantly. Immediately after taking a bite of this cheesy, crunchy, bacon loaded grilled cheese I thought of Andy Dwyer’s bucket list. One of his items was to make the most amazing grilled cheese and I can confidently say that I’ve checked that one off of my own list now! Dunk it into a bowl of homemade tomato soup or enjoy this tasty sandwich all on its own!


Daily Life

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I finally got a few days off in a row and I took full advantage of them!

On Monday we took on the challenge of the Multnomah Wahkeena Loop Trail which is 5 miles long and has 8+ waterfalls to see along the way. It was so refreshing to get out and hike again, but we were definitely feeling it towards the end!

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (2) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (3) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (4) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (5) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (6) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (7) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (8)

And speaking of more pain.. Tuesday we put a few more hours into my leg, but the side and back of the knee is painful stuff though so we didn’t get quite as far as we would have liked to. Only a few more sessions and then we hope to reveal it in its entirety at a tattoo convention the first weekend of March. Annnnd of course I’ll be sharing photos here too! ;)

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Wednesday my girlfriend, Ashley, and I headed west to have a lady date at the coast. We started by checking out Munson Creek Falls, the tallest waterfall in the coast range. Afterward we headed south to have a little beach picnic at Oswald State Park, which is just a few miles down from the beach Josh and I had our wedding ceremony at. We were stranded on a rock for about 10 minutes when the tide came in, but took the opportunity to take a couple hundred photos! It was the perfect way to end my long weekend.

Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (11) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (12) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (13) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (14) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (15) Tattooed Martha - Daily Life 116 (16)

After seeing so many new places over the last few days, it really made me think about how much exploring in this area that I still need to do. We seem to keep waiting for this perfect moment when the stars align, our schedules are free, and thousands of dollars magically make their way into our bank accounts so that we can take our dream vacation. Instead of focusing on all these places that we can’t seem to make it to just yet, I’m going to focus on the ones that we can. Even if it’s only a day trip, I still always come back feeling refreshed, more positive, and determined than I did before. It’s those feelings that I want to continue to chase after this year.

Where will your travels be taking you this year?

Sailor Jerry Hula Pin Up Cupcakes

Tattooed Martha - Sailor Jerry Hula Pin Up Cupcakes (18)

This Wednesday we celebrate Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins’s 104th birthday and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate birthday cake than rum cake! I wanted to keep it simple, but still add a bit of Sailor Jerry flare so I whipped up a rum cake mix from scratch, made cupcakes instead of the traditional bundt cake, and frosted the tops to resemble one of Norman’s most iconic pin ups.. the Hula Girl. While my artistry skill of drawing cartoon cleavage still has a lot to be desired, I made up for it with flavor! The taste of rum is apparent, but by no means overpowering. Just like the rum itself, these cupcakes have notes of vanilla and cinnamon which make for a tasty birthday treat!


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