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It’s Saturday and it’s absoultely gorgeous outside! I really hope that you’re not still in bed nursing a hangover and surfing Pinterest/Facebook/YouTube/Tumblr…. etc! Speaking of which.. You really enjoyed my Pintervention post where I challenged you and myself to find 5 items on Pinterest and accomplish them within the week before allowing ourselves to spend countless hours on Pinterest again! It kept me on task through the week and it felt really good to complete each item rather than pinning them to a cyberspace board, never to be seen again!

Here are my new 5 Pin’s:

1. Egg Stuffed Tomatoes by Give Recipe – Delicious, healthy, and easy looking! Perfect for breakfast

2. Morning Yoga Routine by LIVESTRONG Woman – When I first watched this video I thought, “Oh my goodness! This is taking forever! I don’t have time to do this every morning!” Then I looked at the time marker of how long it took… only 4 and 1/2 minutes! It’s just a very slow and calm routine and so it feels a lot longer than it really is. I’m sure we can all spare 5 minutes in our morning to relax a little bit! Yoga is good for you.. inside AND out!

3. DIY Colored Glass Mason Jars by Freutcake – I’ve seen these so many times on Pinterest, but they all look very messy and streaky. This woman lays it out and even admits that it took her two attempts to get it right! She put in the work and the time to find the best results so we don’t have to! I really admire that and I can’t wait to try these out myself!

4. Victory Roll Vintage Hair Tutorial by The Cherry Dollface – I am TERRIBLE at doing my own hair! I’m very thankful that I have naturally stick straight hair that I can just wash and go, but it gets pretty boring. Practice makes perfect, so you have to start somewhere! I love YouTube hair tutorials like this because you can see everything from start to finish!

5. Popcorn Ball “Ice Cream” Cones by Cookies and Cups – There’s a reason why I saved this one for last…. because it’s amazing!! I found some fun popcorn recipes a few weeks ago that I’m going to combine with this recipe. This woman is a genius!


Leave me a comment with some of the Pin’s you’re challenging yourself with over the next week!

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