Grandma Ford’s No Bake Cookies

Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (3)

If you’ve followed Tattooed Martha from the beginning then you might remember this post.. and you might remember that my photos made these cookies look less than desirable (fluorescent lighting! Eek!) Since this is a family recipe I thought I should revisit the post to help do it justice on just how delicious these cookies are!

No Bake Cookies will always remind me of spending time with my mom in the kitchen. She would let me help measure out the ingredients and stir everything together… and of course get to devour any leftover batter in the bowl! This recipe was her mother’s and also a favorite that they made and I hope that I get to share this and the bonding time in the kitchen with my own daughter one day.


Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (4)

(makes 18-20 cookies)


3 cups of quick oatmeal

1 cup of sweetened shredded coconut

½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder

2 cups of sugar

½ cup unsalted butter

½ cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract


(1.) In a large bowl stir together oatmeal, shredded coconut, and cocoa powder and set aside. (2.) In a saucepan bring sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla extract to a rolling boil for 2 minutes. And seriously… keep an eye on it! I’ve made these enough times to learn my lesson on walking away from the stove and coming back to a sticky burned mess from it boiling over. Adjust your heat if you need to! (3.) When sugar mixture is ready, slowly stir into dry ingredients. (4.) Mix together until everything is completely blended in.

Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (5)

Place a heaping spoonful of cookie mixture onto a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Repeat until all of the mixture is used up. Place cookies in the refrigerator for 45 minutes to an hour to set up.

Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (9) Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (10) Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (11)

Serve right away or make them the night before and store in an airtight container.

Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (3) Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (2) Tattooed Martha - Grandma Ford's No Bake Cookies (1)


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Comments: 8

  1. Amanda (ModernJuneCleaver) February 23, 2014 at 6:50 pm Reply

    I make these all the time and absolutely LOVE them, they’re so nostalgic for me! Such a good recipe to share!

  2. m.e.g. February 24, 2014 at 7:00 am Reply

    switch out the coconut for some peanut butter and these were my favorite cookies to make and eat when i was little… they’re soooo good! i might have to try the coconut version now

  3. Jamie February 24, 2014 at 8:39 am Reply

    One of the few things my husband requests regularly, though our version uses peanut butter and skips the coconut. So good!

  4. Gaby February 25, 2014 at 9:53 pm Reply

    I alrealy imagine how good these are! They look irresistible!

  5. Lauren Vee February 26, 2014 at 1:21 pm Reply

    I have to say I consider myself a pretty good cook. Baking whoever is a different story. Of its in a box no problem. Its pretty embarrassing to see I failed at the no make cookies the first time I made them. I used chocolate powder for making chocolate milk. They were so sweet they literally hurt my teeth when I bit into it.. Its funny now but once I realized the difference and made them correctly the were amazing and disappeared fast

    • Sasha February 26, 2014 at 1:27 pm Reply

      Aw I’ve totally been there Lauren! I used to use salted butter or margarine in my baked goods and couldn’t figure out why the consistency and flavor was off.. when the answer was staring me in the face! haha I’m happy to hear the 2nd attempt went much more successful!

  6. Miranda Strickland July 6, 2014 at 12:43 pm Reply

    Ohhhhh this is the first time since I was a little girl that I have seen it WITHOUT peanut butter…. SOO EXCITED I found this site!!!! A woman after my own heart!!! (This was one of my fav cookies as a kid, but Momma lost the recipe)

    • Sasha July 6, 2014 at 2:09 pm Reply

      Yay! I’m so happy you found me too! I love fellow no-bake cookie lovers! Happy “No-Baking” Miranda! 🙂

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