31 Best Ponytail Wigs You Can Get Online That People Actually Swear 2022 Updated 7971 1

31 Best Ponytail Wigs You Can Get Online That People Actually Swear (2023 Update)

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Are you a fan of dramatic, long, and party-inspired feminine ponytails? Do you like to wear those long and fierce extensions that not a lot of women can or dare to wear? If you’re into a lot of volume and you’re on the lookout for the perfect ponytail extension, keep on reading! Here, we will list out a ton of cool options and stylish ponytail ideas that will suit everyday or formal wear. Keep on reading and find your perfect extension piece down below.


1. How Pricey Is A Ponytail Wig?

Ponytail extensions or ponytail clip-in extensions are not too pricey to go for. This is because this type of hair is a lot easier to install and properly place around in your back portion. The final price point of your ponytail extension will vary based on your chosen type and material of hair. Synthetic hair is a lot cheaper and more affordable while human or virgin hair can get pretty pricey. In fact, you will pay anywhere from $15-$500 for this hairdo. Super pricey types are usually really high-quality and handmade, often worn by models or women who struggle with hair loss or any type of genetic issues or concerns for volume of their natural hair.

2. Who Can Go For A Ponytail Wig?

Ponytail extensions are often worn by women who want to look flawless and fierce, as well as by those who are trying to look elegant for an event or everyday wear. Quite often ponytail extensions are worn by younger women and those who have an upcoming birthday party or prom. If you’re a fan of longer looks and you like the look of fierce extensions give this transformation a go! Also, ponytails are worn by brides quite often or women who naturally have thin and sparse hair. Some women can also install this ponytail for their everyday wear if they have the time for it and want to look a bit more glamorous than usual. You can go for a ponytail despite your age or hair texture. These extensions come in all types of sizes and lengths, perfect for anyone’s preference and style.

3. How To Install A Ponytail Wig?

If you end up installing a ponytail at your salon or with a professional hairstylist, expect to spend a lot of your spare time at a salon. However, once properly done, they last between 2 to 4 weeks without needing a retouch! If you plan on doing it on your own here is how to install a ponytail wig:

Step 1: Hide your natural hair by brushing it all backward with a small comb and place a wig cap on top.

Step 2: Put the ponytail at the front section (if it is a long frontal lace) and leave it loose. In case it is a clip-in ponytail extension just clip it in the back (no need for a wig cap in this case).

Step 3: Make sure that your natural color and the color of your wig match.

Step 4: Set your ponytail in place with an elastic and a few bobbi pins. Add hairspray for shine and prolonged wear.

31 Best Ponytail Wigs You Can Get Online

1. Lace Front Ponytail Wig

Lace Front Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@billylamour

If you love to shop online and on Instagram, this site will suit you. They have all of your favorite styles and they can customize your wig fully. DM them for prices and custom-made solutions, such as this one.

Super long, super sleek, and super fun, who wouldn’t love this icy silver ponytail?! It is a gorgeous party night-out look that you’re going to enjoy if you’re a fan of party looks and drama. Show off this gorgeous ponytail no matter the event. Just know that this color is going to be huge and super popular for the fall or winter season.

2. Ponytail Wig Styles Brown Look

Ponytail Wig Styles Brown Look
Image Source: @ultimatelooks

This long and gorgeous ponytail is made with synthetic hairs and is available in 30+ different shades! Ladies who love, prefer, and need diversity will enjoy this ponytail. It varies in price and is a clip-on type of ponytail. It is also 14-20 inches long. Pay anywhere from $50-$60 and enjoy its diversity.

This brown ponytail is for women who like neutral and natural colors. If you want something simple and chic this is it! Make sure that you give it a go if you’re naturally good at installing ponytails and you’re always on the lookout for something that can easily be worn to any event and any gathering.

3. Blonde Ponytail Wig

Blonde Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @simplywigs

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable solution, this is for you! Women love this site since wigs are anywhere from $20-$70. This blonde ponytail comes in lengths from 14-20 inches. Made in Germany with a fast shipping time, this synthetic pony will suit those who are on a budget.

Blonde looks are a lot more feminine and sensual, but they can also be harder to maintain and properly blend in with your natural hair color. If you want to look well-put and you’re into high updos this ponytail will suit you. Make sure that you secure it with your favorite hairspray and also leave it with a ton of shine! It will look sleek and party-perfect.

4. Formal Ponytail Wig

Formal Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@hairbyfiona_

If you want inches just know that this is a gorgeous 24-inch solution. In fact, you will get 100 grams of hair! These are high-quality ponytail Remy human hair extensions, perfect for those who like clip-ins. You can get it in 3 different colors and pay anywhere from $150-$300 for it.

Cute party look for women who like voluminous and gorgeous ponytails. If you’re someone who wants to show off elegance through your hairstyle this will suit you. Let the world see your love for volume and retro looks through this long ponytail. Tease it a bit more to achieve more-so volume.

5. Brown Ponytail Lace Wig

Brown Ponytail Lace Wig
Image Source: @niawigs

If you prefer to shop online and always get great deals or discounts, this is perfect! This drawstring ponytail is available in lengths from 8-22 inches and varies in price from $70-$200. Enjoy the breathable design, as well as high-quality human hair.

Naturally curly or Afro hair can look gorgeous with this little addition. If you’re someone who likes voluminous and nourished looks this is for you. Make sure that you emphasize your natural curl pattern through this long ponytail and its stylish wavy pattern. A must-have for any age group.

6. Red Ponytail Wig

Red Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@___flawlesslooks

Amazon often has great discounts that one might fancy. For instance, this sweet red ponytail is only $10! It is a simple claw synthetic clip-in ponytail that you can also get in 7 different colors. It is 24 inches long and super easy to install.

Not a lot of women dare or have red hair. If you like to stand out with your choice this is for you. Red is a hot, sensual, and fiery color that will make you look like an elegant and party lady, ready to have fun and enjoy life at any given point! This one is also a must-have if you’re someone who likes to wear bright red lipstick often.

7. Simple Ponytail Wig Brown Look

Simple Ponytail Wig Brown Look
Image Source: @dolago

Simple, sweet, and easy to wear or install, this long brown ponytail is for everyone! It is 22 inches long and is a clip-in ponytail that you will easily install. Get it anywhere from $140-$220 based on any current sale options or discounts. It also comes with free shipping.

Sleek and super shiny, this hairstyle is for girls who like elegance and longer hairdos. This stylish ponytail will make you look like a cool and attention-seeking lady who always knows what’s hot and what’s trendy.

8. Ponytail Wig With Bangs

Ponytail Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@everyworkaddison

If you wish to shop online and you also want to browse through your options, here is the perfect site! This straight synthetic wrap-around ponytail is heat-friendly and available in 10 different colors. It is 18 inches long and can withstand the heat of 350 degrees Fahrenheit! The best part? It is only $50!

This hairdo became so popular because of Ariana! If you’re into this sleek and sensual look that also has that romantic vibe this will suit you. Make sure that you’re up for something elegant and truly stylish to embrace this half-up half-down elegant pony.

9. Super Curly Ponytail Wig

Super Curly Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@_norahbeauty_

This Amazon beauty is often on sale! This long wig has a 150% hair density and is a Brazilian virgin human hair. You can get several different packs (10-22 inches) and customize the look of volume. Prices vary from $30-$80.

African women can also go for this beauty. If you’re a fan of cute looks and you want to try out something that is within your comfort zone and that is not too loud or too extravagant, this may suit you. Emphasize your natural curl pattern and let the world see your heritage even through your hair!

10. Sleek Ponytail Wig Human Hair

Sleek Ponytail Wig Human Hair
Image Source: @viv_li

Durable and sweet, this ponytail is made with synthetic hairs and has a slightly curly texture. This wig also comes with free shipping and great discounts! You will pay anywhere from $30-$90 for this beauty, based on your chosen sale discount.

A high ponytail in dark brown or black is often a must-do for elegant and formal stylish moments. If you’re someone who likes straight hairdos and you want to show off your love for party looks you can easily do it through this look. Don’t forget to add a ton of hairspray to emphasize these sleek strands.

11. Blonde Ponytail Lace Wig

Blonde Ponytail Lace Wig
Image Source: @hair.bylea_

Shop on Amazon and get this long 13-inch ponytail for less than $20! Women who need and prefer variety will fall in love with this ponytail since it is available in 35+ colors! It is a synthetic clip-in ponytail that you can get in 13, 14, or 18-inch packs.

The cutest ponytail for women who can’t make up their minds when it comes to their color! If your hair has highlights or if you want to create some highlights and depth just know that you can do it with the right ponytail extension! This beauty will look amazing on women who like elegance and glamour without doing or actually trying too much.

12. High Ponytail Wig Look

High Ponytail Wig Look
Image Source: @_ola_stelle_

Long and bold, this is a 24-inch long clip-in ponytail that is super affordable and only $14! You can choose among 20 different cool colorful options and enjoy this high-quality synthetic piece. It is heat-resistant for up to 180 degrees Celsius.

Light brown hair is a lot more low-maintenance than other hairdos. If you want to look simple and flawless this is always a bulletproof solution to consider. Make sure that you install the ponytail properly so that you can wear it without being worried about it breaking or becoming loose during the day.

13. Custom Ponytail Wig

Custom Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @shop.wigsbuy

This site often does such unique, playful, and party-inspired looks that you’re going to love around the Halloween season! This wig is only $50 on sale, while its regular price is around $200, which makes it a great steal. It has 120% hair density and is 30 inches long, a unique cosplay solution and ponytail buns for teen women.

If you’re into cosplay or cool hairdos this wig will suit you. It is a cool Halloween solution that a lot of women love to wear when trying to stand out and look their coolest! This is a cool bun solution that one will enjoy to show off as a part of their wig hairstyle and pony hairdo. If you like cosplay and dramatic looks this will suit you for your brave and bold wear.

14. Black Ponytail Wig Styles

Black Ponytail Wig Styles
Image Source: @deaigner_

Super simple and quite affordable, this ponytail is $10 only. You can get it in several different lengths from 12 – 28 inches, based on your preference. This is a wrap-around synthetic ponytail that you can also get in 22 different colors.

A black sleek ponytail in this dark brown/black hair color is often worn by women who want to show off their natural hair color and length. The hair is sleek and shiny without being too hard to maintain. If you’re into cool and cute looks and you’re someone who wants to have that elegant outcome this beauty is for you! Wrap the hair around twice in the back and you will end up with this party-perfect yet secure hairstyle for everyday wear!

15. Voluminous Ponytail Wig With Highlights

Voluminous Ponytail Wig With Highlights
Image Source: @niawigs

If you enjoy wrap-around extensions this will suit you. You can get it in lengths from 8-22 inches. Made with high-quality 100% human hair and varies in price from $80-$220. Get the wig on-site and use their codes or discount options while they’re still available.

Some women like to experiment and play with highlights. Are you one of those women yourself? If you’re into elegant and cute curls this look is for you! Make sure that you pay close attention to this color combo and these cool beige/yellow highlights. If you prefer to look fierce without doing a lot, you can achieve that easily with this messy and curly thick ponytail! African women will easily rock this beauty.

16. Black Ponytail Wig High Voluminous

Black Ponytail Wig High Voluminous
Image Source:@zaschahair

If you like to shop on Instagram consider this site and this wig. They are a Dutch brand and they shop worldwide. You can choose your custom wig and get something that suits you. Message the site to get your exact quotes.

Super long, tight, and voluminous ponytail is for those who want to wear something chic and modern. This type of ponytail is dramatic and fierce, often a must-have if you’re a bride-to-be or if you have an important event going on. Also, party girls like this look a lot, and they prefer to wear thick ponytails to get all the attention! Embrace the shine and show off this long beauty anywhere you go.

17. Shiny Brown Ponytail Wig

Shiny Brown Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @cliphairlimited

These are clip-in ponytail hair extensions that are made with high-quality silky Remy human hair. This is a 20-inch long beauty that is $150. You can curl, tong & straighten it, perfect for multi-purpose looks. This site also makes and sells hair extension tools that you will appreciate for convenient shopping.

Teens are going crazy over this hairstyle. It is often rocked and worn by younger girls and women who are in the mood for a sleek party pony! Don’t forget to nourish your hair and this ponytail with your favorite oil and hairspray to get this amount of shine going on. Anyone who is trying to look their minimalistic best will like this outcome!

18. Braided Ponytail Wig

Braided Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @lionesshairltd

Choose the perfect length for your ponytail and go for anything from 16-28 inches. Choose density from 100 to 200 grams. You can also play around with its texture. The price varies from $80-$300 based on the length that you end up going for. You can also style the wig with high heat.

A tight ponytail that is secured in the back and done in this way will look feminine and flirty. If your natural hair is super dark and super healthy you will easily pull off this look. Make sure that you know how to install a ponytail to flawlessly and fearlessly embrace the cut! Women who are in their twenties will usually gravitate toward this beauty the most.

19. Super Long Blue Ponytail Wig

Super Long Blue Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @dmstudio_by_dimkamoryakova

If you enjoy colorful extensions this is for you! You can go for 9 different colorful ponytails and enjoy a length of 21 inches. It is a synthetic wig and is only $13. Easy to install claw clip, perfect for anyone and any wear-period.

Not everyone dares to wear and go for this beauty. Do you? It is a dramatic and voluminous beauty that younger girls prefer to wear. Anyone who is in their twenties will want to give it a go. Make sure that you’re prepared for this high maintenance and upkeep since the look itself is not for everyone. If you have patience and time to style your hair consider going with this long and loose pony!

20. Blonde Messy Ponytail Wig

Blonde Messy Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @unavihair

This gorgeous wig varies in length from 16-20 inches. These extensions are around 120-150 grams in weight. You can install them with one clip and super easily. Enjoy high-quality human hair and pay anywhere from $250-$350. You will also enjoy this site since it offers high-quality with all of their products.

If you are a blonde you will enjoy this blondie moment! Anyone who is into chic waves, voluminous ponytails, and elegance will like the glamour of this cool cut. Let the world see your brave and bold side by rocking this loose retro ponytail extension anywhere you go! You can also hide the extension part with a hair tie or a scrunchie! This way, even if you did a poor job with installing the wig no one will be able to tell.

21. Brown Voluminous Ponytail Wig

Brown Voluminous Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @therealmelissajayne

A gorgeous wig that you can get in four different colors. It is often on sale and will vary in price from $40-$110. It is a synthetic wig that can withstand high heat and the use of hair styling tools. If you like sites that have great and frequent discounts, consider this wig.

Another great ponytail extension that you can spice up and decorate furthermore with your favorite hair tie or scrunchie! If you’re someone who likes voluminous looks and elegance this is ideal for you. Dark brown or chocolate brown hair will look healthy and you will easily spice up your look with the right type of ponytail! Go for a side-swept bang and ponytail look and show off the outcome for simpler everyday gatherings.

22. Blonde Ponytail Wig Hairstyle

Blonde Ponytail Wig Hairstyle
Image Source: @zaschahair

This blonde ponytail is 20 inches long and weighs around 100 grams. You will pay around $150 for this set, the perfect color, and style coming all the way from the Netherlands! Enjoy the high-quality Remy hair that this site has to offer, along with worldwide shipping.

Blonde hair with some simpler highlights can easily blend into the rest of your hair. No matter your current color (as long as it is on the lighter side) you will manage to pull off this look! Let your loose ponytail speak “volume” and embrace the outcome for any event. Women who like to look elegant and somewhat chic or semi-formal will enjoy this look for their upcoming events.

23. Tribal Braided Ponytail Wig

Tribal Braided Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @lavyhair

Shop on-site or this Instagram profile when it comes to their high-quality looks. Email or message them to get your quotes. This site creates customized solutions that will suit everyone.

Not a lot of women would dare to give it a go with this hairstyle. Do you? It is a cool and retro ponytail that has some braid details and has that tribal/warrior vibe that African women will love and appreciate! If you’re into looking spicy and you often gravitate toward funky looks, this one is within your preference! Show off the love for braids and your love for intriguing looks that not a lot of women can or dare to pull off.

24. Brown Voluminous Ponytail Wig Hair

Brown Voluminous Ponytail Wig Hair
Image Source: @deaigner_

Foxy Locks is a popular brand when it comes to hair extensions. This wrap ponytail clip-in extension is available in lengths 12, 16, 22, or 26 inches. This UK brand has great deals and will present you with a high-quality wig anywhere from $80-$250. Enjoy high-quality human hair and easy application and installation.

Dark brown curls and dark brown (almost black) hair can be tricky to style. In fact, it can be a bit harder to maintain than other hairdos. If you have time to style and decorate your curls + you want to spice up the look we highly recommend reaching for a wavy retro ponytail! A must-have for parties and often worn by girls who like the glamour.

25. Hair With Highlights Ponytail Wig

Hair With Highlights Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @kimmyhartistry

Install your ponytail quickly and easily and choose a length that suits you. There is the 16 inch or 20-inch option, along with four different colors. This site offers free shipping, 24/7 customer support, as well as the 60-day exchange. Prices vary from $130-$170.

If your formal event is coming along and you’re looking for a hairdo that can truly spice up your look, this is it! Women who like the look of highlights and who are trying to look elegant (future prom queens) will enjoy this beauty! Style your chic hair in this retro elegant ponytail with a ton of brown color! Twist the hair in the back and the outcome will be a sleek shiny and prom-perfect hairdo!

26. Light Brown Orange Ponytail Wig

Light Brown Orange Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @haughtystyle

Another Floxy Lock wig that will intrigue you. This is a wrap-around ponytail clip in hair extension that is available in 12, 16, 22, or 26 inches in length. It is an ultra-thick and stylish luxurious ponytail that is made with high-quality soft 100% human Remy hair. Prices vary from $80-$250.

In case your hair is on the lighter side (almost red) this is your new ponytail extension to consider! If you’re a fan of elegance, drama and sleek shiny strands go with this cute ponytail. It is a must-have for any age group while a lot of women will enjoy it even for everyday wear. Show your love for elegance and sleek shiny strands with this auburn red ponytail extension.

27. Icy Silver Ponytail Wig

Icy Silver Ponytail Wig
Image Source: @ foxylocks

Silver hair is a brave and bold move, which is why you should go big when it comes to these extensions! You can get them in 12, 16, 22, or 26 inches. It is a wrap-around easy install ponytail made with high-quality human hair.

Silver or icy hair can look so cool when done the right way. If you’re someone who likes cool and unusual hair dye this will intrigue you. Let your creative side come to show and play around with your new and fierce ponytail! This look just goes to show you that even mature women can (and should) consider doing extensions. You will look like a trendsetter if you show up wearing this unique and unusual silver-gray ponytail, no matter the event! Just know that all eyes will be on you.

28. Loose Brown Ponytail Hair Wig

Loose Brown Ponytail Hair Wig
Image Source: @aliexpress

A lot of women love to shop on Ali Express. This is an affordable synthetic wig that you can easily clip in. It is 18 inches long and weighs around 100 grams. Explore the site and even consider some other stylish colors.

A party-inspired brown ponytail that girls of all ages prefer and naturally gravitate to! If you want to show your love for subtle brown color and volume you can do it with this innovative and creative voluminous ponytail. Let the world see you as a true little lady who is always rocking feminine cuts.

29. Blonde Braided Ponytail Wig

Blonde Braided Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@yoryisalas27

This Amazon beauty is available in 6 colors total. It is a quick and easy salon-perfect wig that you will enjoy since it is $23 only. It is a synthetic hairdo with a sleek finish that is also heat-friendly and resistant.

We had to include a braided ponytail that not everyone could rock. However, if you are unique and often gravitate toward innovative cuts, this will suit you. Show off your love for braids and culture with this straight and sleek ponytail. Don’t forget to put the emphasis on tight curled braids and show off the look for everyday wear, especially if you wish to come off as a cultural person.

30. Super Long Ponytail Wig Black Hairdo

Super Long Ponytail Wig Black Hairdo
Image Source:@chanelcollectionshairboutique

Long and loose, as well as voluminous, this wig comes in 22 fun and unique colors! It is 26 inches long and weighs around 125 grams. You will enjoy this site and its discount options along with fast shipping rates. The best part? It is only $55!

Women who are not afraid of inches will enjoy this beauty. If you’re someone who is all about glamour and drama, this is perfect! Sometimes, the more the merrier rule does apply. Let the whole world see you as a trendsetter and wear the look with full confidence, knowing that only you can pull off this serious amount of drama!

31. Bright Orange Ponytail Wig Hair

Bright Orange Ponytail Wig Hair
Image Source:@reflectionsunique

Anyone who likes bright and funky colors will enjoy this wig. It is 21 inches long and only $14! You can also go for 9 different colors to spice up your design. You’re going to enjoy this look for Halloween the most. It is synthetic hair that has a clip-in detail for easy installation.

Lastly, if you like a bit of that fresh vibrant orange color, this is for you! Women who are in their teens or twenties will like this look the most! Let the ponytail speak for you and show just how rebellious you are, but also consider wearing it with your favorite orange lipstick for finishing off the glamorous and brave vibe.

Do You Want To Wear This Beauty?

Which one of these ponytail extensions is your favorite? Are you into shorter or longer looks? Also, do you like to wear your pony wavy, curly, or straight? Let us know which one wig you can’t wait to get for yourself out of the bunch!

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