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32 Best Purple Wigs You Can Get Online That People Actually Swear 2022

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Want to find your new and creative purple-colored wig? Are you a fan of color, brightness, and drama? Women who like to wear bright and funky (fun) colors will enjoy this article and our list. Keep on reading as we present you and leave you with some of the cutest, coolest, and most modern wig ideas. You will find your perfect purple wig with one of these simple or bold and loud dominant looks. See for yourself by reading down below!


1. How Pricey Are Purple Wigs?

The price of your new wig will vary and depend on several different factors, such as the reputation of your hairstylist, their salon, and years of experience. You can always opt for an affordable online solution, especially if you know how to install wigs on your own and if you’re on the lookout for something quick and easy to do.

Synthetic wigs are usually around $20-$70, while human and virgin hair types can go for $100-$600! The final price point also depends on the lace and color you go for. Make sure that you always pick out something that is within your budget.

2. Who Can Go For A Purple Wig?

Purple is a bright and loud color, not for everyone’s personal preference. Do you dare to go this colorful and bold? The truth is that purple is a common color and wig choice by younger women and teens. A lot of girls like to recreate looks that their favorite pop stars are wearing, such as Ariana Grande or Billie Eilish. You will enjoy this list and our options if you’re often on TikTok, browsing through your options and ideas, and constantly seeing the color purple pop out! There is no age restriction or specification when it comes to this look, enjoy its diversity!

3. How To Install A Purple Wig?

Make sure that you have all the right tools, time, and patience before you begin this process. You will be needing: a brush, a small tooth comb, hairspray, glue, hair clips.

Step 1: Brush your natural hair backward and prepare the base for your wig. Get your wig out of the box and make sure that it is clean, dry & ready to be installed.
Step 2: Tilt your head forward and place the front of the wig on the front hairline. Try to slide it a little bit on the side.
Step 3: Adjust and make sure that it feels comfortable and sits comfortably with your natural hairline.
Step 4: Get rid of baby hairs with a small tooth comb and style your natural and synthetic hairs per your preference.
Step 5: Set with your favorite setting spray to prolong its wear time.

PS: In case you don’t have the right needed tools, time, or patience it is best to book a hairstylist and let them do it for you. However, heads up when it comes to their prices.

32 Best Purple Wigs You Can Get Online

1. Purple Wig Lace Front

Purple Wig Lace Front
Image Source:@luxluxehair

Get this gorgeous swiss lace frontal wig and choose among 25 unique simple or vibrant colors! This purple wig is only $45 and is 20 inches long while being a heat-resistant silky beauty. It is layered and easy to wash as well.

Try out this purple wig for any event and enjoy its shine and dramatic color combo. Women who like a bit of that side-swept vibe and those who want to look sexy and sensual will like this outcome for any part of the day. Show it off with full confidence and know that you’re one of a few who can and dares to rock it.

2. Purple Wig With Bangs

Purple Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@wigisfashion

Shop on this site and enjoy the great discount options that they have to offer! This wig is between $35-$50 and is made with synthetic fibers while being up to 150C heat-resistant. It is around 24 inches long and easy to install.

Why not add this slight blue hue to your purple wig? Women who like elegance and drama will like this color combo addition. Combine light purple, blue and sensual bangs to show off your quirky personality and your unique way of styling hair. It will suit most age groups but is mostly worn by younger women.

3. Bob Purple Wig

Bob Purple Wig
Image Source:@melirodriguezyt

Shorter bob wig that you’re going to enjoy because of its 150% hair density! This site usually has great discount options that will suit you. Enjoy the fact that it is Brazillian virgin human hair, capless and around 10 inches long.

Defined A-line bob that you’re going to fancy if you’re into short hair looks and low-maintenance beauties. Go for this beauty and rock the defined strands knowing that you’re one of a few who can show off the simplicity and a modern bob, but with a cool-cut approach!

4. Purple Wig Long Hairdo

Purple Wig Long Hairdo
Image Source:@wig.channel

A wavy synthetic wig such as this one is 24 inches long and has a 150% hair density. It also features a natural hairline and can withstand high heat. It is less than $100 and has great shipping options.

The ultimate party look! A lot of girls enjoy the half-up-half-down look, this one is a must-try if you’re a fan of long and curly styles. Secure your hair up with a ponytail and show off this wig for your next birthday, party moments, or night out with the girls! Anyone who likes determined looks and unique wigs will fancy this long wavy outcome.

5. Curly Purple Wig

Curly Purple Wig
Image Source:@arisonhair.official

You can shop online and on this Instagram page directly! They sell virgin hair bundles and often have great sale discounts. Message the page directly and get quotes on your preferred wig.

Super curly and super modern, as well as super fierce looking! This curly hairdo with defined curls is for women who want to try out something new and dominant. Give it a go with this tight curl pattern approach and show off your stylish side, a must-try if you like to attract looks and attention. Women who are in their twenties will enjoy this beauty a lot more than others.

6. Purple Wig Costume Look

Purple Wig Costume Look
Image Source:@celebritywig_vivian

This ombre wig is a heat-resistant beauty that is 24 inches long. It also has a hair density of 180%. Enjoy the naturally soft and transparent lace as well as the custom packaging. Get in touch with the site for their price points.

If you’re someone who likes ombré looks and elegant waves this will look amazing on you. Women who are in their twenties will enjoy and appreciate this look the most. Often, this hairdo is spotted on Instagram models and women who follow trends, wanting to show off their fierce personality and love for bright and loud retro wigs.

7. Pink And Purple Wig

Pink And Purple Wig
Image Source:@wigtodayshop

This wefted cap is a synthetic wig that is only $60. You will love it because it is high-quality and has 150% hair density while being 24 inches long. It is heat-resistant, vibrant, and silky smooth.

Pigtails or space buns are often a popular look among teens or girls who enjoy loud looks and trendy ideas. If you’re someone who can’t resist the urge to show off your stylish side just know that the easiest way to do it is through this hairdo. You will look so retro and like you’ve found inspiration in all the little anime hairdo wigs!

8. Long Purple Wig Look

Long Purple Wig Look
Image Source:@lindaestelle_

Women who demand and need options when it comes to their wigs will like this beauty! It can be purchased in lengths from 10-30 inches and you can also go for a 150, 180, or 200% hair density. Choose a texture from straight or wavy and pay anywhere from $300-$900 for your customized solution.

Long purple wit that you’re going to enjoy for any event, but especially formal kinds. Go for this lilac beauty if you’re on the lookout for a flowy gorgeous wig that will look sultry and sensual on you! Women in their thirties will appreciate the beauty of this hairdo!

9. Dark Purple Wig

Dark Purple Wig
Image Source:@lakayscolorways

If you like to shop often on Amazon you should consider this long synthetic wig. It also comes in 8 different color options. It is a cosplay wig that is heat-resistant and 22 inches long. The best part? It is $20!

Retro, loose, and super voluminous, this wig is made for women who want elegance, drama, and color, all in one! If you’re someone who likes to look chic and modern this will suit you. Make sure that you’re comfortable with rocking this severe amount of hair to show off your wild and flirty side, you’re going to enjoy this outcome if you’re in your twenties!

10. Dark Purple Bob Wig

Dark Purple Bob Wig
Image Source:@manicpanicnyc

Go for this slight ombre beauty and enjoy heat-resistant synthetic fibers for less than $20! It is a 22-inch long wig that also has fast shipping features that you will love.

Defined yet cute chic little short bob that is symmetrical and modern! This beauty will suit you if you’re into shorter hairdos and if you’re a fan of drama and glamour. Go for this stylish cut and show that you’re someone who can rock style and shorter looks, often bold and brave in your own unique way.

11. Light Purple Wig With Bangs

Light Purple Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@oliviaadamshairartist

Synthetic hair that also has 130% hair density! It is 10 inches long and high-quality, varying in price from $60-$330! Choose one out of 20 unique options and also enjoy the discount options that the site has to offer.

This purple bob has some subtle hues of pink color. Does it look intriguing and modern? It is often worn by women who like shorter looks and women who want to try out something fresh and innovative. Show that you’re into flirty ideas and let the world see your way of rocking fun colors.

12. A-line Purple Wig

A-line Purple Wig
Image Source:@thehairexpressionist

This quirky beauty is 10 inches long and is a true synthetic wig that varies in price from $40-$90. It is capless and has a hair density of 120%. Women love it since it is often on sale + it has fast shipping and great discounts regularly.

Go for an A-line bob and show that you’re always in the mood for precision. Bob cuts don’t have to be too simple or basic and you can always give it a go with this one. Women who want low-maintenance beauties will see the true glory in this look.

13. Wavy Light Purple Wig

Wavy Light Purple Wig
Image Source:@wigsandhatsbymissmissy

If you often shop on Amazon you will easily run into this beauty! It is a long purple 24-inch wig that is only $20! It comes in 9 colors total and is made with synthetic fibers.

Wavy and cute soft curls will add so much sophistication to your style. If you’re someone who wants to look formal for an upcoming event of some sort this is for you. Make sure that you add a bit of a hairstyling spray to add dimension and softness to these curls and this wig.

14. Purple And Black Wig

Purple And Black Wig
Image Source:@haleyscosmo

Super long and super fierce, this wig has 150% hair density and is a glueless lace front wig made with remy hair. You can get it in lengths from 16 – 22 inches and go for different capsizes. Prices will vary from $200-$600.

Combine elements of purple and black if you’re in the mood for something different and cool. This color combo is super popular for the fall season, often worn by women who want to show their bold side, especially when pairing it up with their favorite lipstick. Embrace the purple moment and let the world see you as a diva!

15. Ombre Purple Wig

Ombre Purple Wig
Image Source:@deedeehair20

Women who want to have options with their wigs will like this bob beauty. It is available in 20 colors total and is 14 inches long, often being on sale. You will pay anywhere from $50-$80 for this wig.

If you’re into longer looks and wigs this will intrigue you. Make sure that you add elegance and softness to your look with a pair of messy straight bangs. This ombré color outcome and style of doing hair will add bounce and dynamite-like contrast for any upcoming event.

16. Purple Ponytail Wig

Purple Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@oliviagarden_int

Those who want to spice up their look in one way will appreciate the beauty of a ponytail. This long gradient beauty is available in 10 colors total and is $7 only! You will easily install it and enjoy its length of 20 inches.

Women who like to tie their hair will like this design more than others. If you’re someone who spends most time styling your hair in one particular way or if you’re always on the hunt for party hairdos this is for you! Show off your cool little creative ponytail and bun look and know that you’re one of a few who can rock these long inches.

17. Violet Purple Wig With Bangs

Violet Purple Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@beinghappyeverydayy

This is a purple synthetic that you’re going to love because of its fierce vibe. It is also 18 inches long and is a heat-resistant wig. Its price varies from $12-$30 based on sale deals or discounts.

Short hair with fringe bangs will look cute and flirty. If you’re someone who enjoys shorter low-maintenance looks and you know how to appreciate a bit of that lilac color to your new wig, this is perfect. It has the ultimate blend of colors and is worn by younger girls who like to try out new designs regularly.

18. Purple Wig Pigtails

Purple Wig Pigtails
Image Source:@lee.kuma

This is a 20-inch long wig that is less than $50! It is a popular choice for Halloween thanks to its intriguing look. It is synthetic and super easy to install while being heat-resistant and durable.

If you’re into cosplay or funky long looks and wigs that make up for a fun hairdo, this one will suit you. Let the world see your anime-loving, fun, and caring side through this beauty. Women who like to wear pigtails and anime-inspired hair at toes will see the beauty in this one.

19. Purple Wig Costume Inspired

Purple Wig Costume Inspired
Image Source:@yes.lilith

Heads up when it comes to this model since it is often out of stock! This wig is synthetic and often sold on-site with some great deals and discounts. You will pay less than $40 for this beauty

Add some subtle amount of curl and shine to your wig and show off your bangs while you’re at it. Women who like to look retro and who are all about that simple and minimalism look will adore this beauty. Don’t forget to wash your bangs regularly when it comes to maintaining this look and its length.

20. Dark Purple Wig Hair

Dark Purple Wig Hair
Image Source:@incolorwig

You can shop on Instagram and consider going for this wig. Message the site directly and get quotes while catering the wig and the look per your needs. You will get special discounts the more you spend on your chosen model.

Wig with dark-colored strands or this hair wig with a top-knot detail will attract looks and attention. Most women who like that party vibe will enjoy this beauty. You can embrace this euphoria-like moment and let the world see your party-like side through your wig. If you’re a teen or in your twenties this will intrigue you.

21. Wavy Short Purple Wig

Wavy Short Purple Wig
Image Source:@jielifa_hair

If you like to shop on Amazon give this wig a chance! It comes in four fun colors and is super affordable, less than $20! It is a synthetic 12 inch long hair with cute bangs, as well as soft fiber.

A wavy short bob with voluminous bangs is so chic and flirty. A lot of women like the retro fluffy vibes and are often in the mood for a bob. However, who says that you have to rock a simple type of a cut and simple straight bob? In fact, you have to experiment with some curl or wave patterns to make your bob stand out some more.

22. Long Light Purple Wig

Long Light Purple Wig
Image Source:@preferred_hair

Check out this site and get in contact with them when it comes to your new and fun wig! They do human hair lace wigs and free shipping worldwide, ideal for anyone who wants a customized solution.

This long light purple lilac hair will suit those who want to try out their new spring-inspired hairstyle. A color such as this one is super popular for the spring season and is often worn by those who are on the lookout for something wavy and glamorous without being too hard to maintain or achieve. It is also stylish and great for formal events.

23. Straight Purple Wig Light Color

Straight Purple Wig Light Color
Image Source:@rainahair_4u

Long and silky synthetic lace that is heat-resistant and transparent, who wouldn’t love it? It is 24 inches long and around $100 + it is often on sale. You can also get it in 26 inches and enjoy the site’s easy navigation options and discounts.

Long straight lilac hair that you’re going to enjoy for everyday wear. Lilac hairstyle and straight strands are for those who want to try out something simpler that can be worn on a daily, without being too messy or hard to maintain. Let the world see your bright straight purple wig and show off your unique approach in your own way.

24. Tight Curly Purple Wig

Tight Curly Purple Wig
Image Source:@mobilestylesapp

If you want options you will have them with this wig. In fact, it comes in 7 different and unique colors while being heat-resistant and high-quality. It is 22 inches long, has soft fibers, and is only $25!

Tight curls are only for those who dare to wear something stunning and different. Do you like your hair and its curl pattern? Are you into adding a bit more shine and drama to your style? Give it a go with this beauty and let the world see your love and admiration for tight curls through this wig, you’re going to fall in love with the outcome!

25. Shiny Dark Purple Wig

Shiny Dark Purple Wig
Image Source:@mary_alexiss

Shop online and consider this two-tone hairdo. It is a middle part synthetic lace front wig that is heat-resistant and smooth. Enjoy its 24 inches, as well as the fact that it goes for $90-$140.

This darker purple hue is so powerful looking, don’t you agree? Women who like elegance and waves will see the beauty behind this outcome. Anyone who prefers soft curls done on a darker base will enjoy and see the beauty in this wig! Let the world see how you style your wigs, they’re going to admire your take on it!

26. Purple And Black Wig Bob

Purple And Black Wig Bob
Image Source:@tshx.touchhair

Cute bob wig that you can get in 5 colors total! It is a synthetic wig that is heat-resistant and super shiny. It is 12 inches long and also comes with fast shipping options.

Darker base black roots with purple-colored bob strands will look so well done and properly executed on women who enjoy shorter looks yet bright colors. If you’re a fan of precision and you know how to rock angular cuts this will look phenomenal on you. Show it off and know that it is a wig appropriate for any event or part of the day.

27. Purple Wig Long Hairstyle

Purple Wig Long Hairstyle
Image Source:@hersadittyhair

A gorgeous lace wig that has 180% density. You can get it in lengths from 16 – 26 inches! This is a real-human high-quality hair that often comes with great deals and discounts. Price-wise it varies from $200-$800.

This light purple wig is super long and is only for those women who are not afraid of the length and inches! Does this sound like you? Show off this super long hairdo and go for the longest wig if you dare! Those who are always in the mood to party and women who like to look flawless and fierce will see the beauty in this look. Heads up since maintenance of super long wigs can get pretty pricey and time-consuming.

28. Purple Hair With Bangs Look

Purple Hair With Bangs Look
Image Source:@_missmitzy

Simple, short, and sweet + perfect for Halloween! This bob is $20 only and is a 100% olefin faux hair wig. Affordable, heat-resistant, and perfect for those who want a party look off of a trusted site.

When it comes to this wig you should consider doing the bangs and cutting them on your own to spice up the look whenever you feel like it. Women who are always trying out something new will also enjoy this design. Look proud and bold knowing that you’ve rocked something one of a kind yourself when it comes to this wig selection!

29. Long Ombre Purple Wig

Long Ombre Purple Wig
Image Source:wigyy

High-quality machine-made wig with bangs that is 26 inches long! It is $50 and you can get special discount codes when buying several types. Easy to maintain and silky smooth.

The craze over the ombré trend has been hitting the world hard! Are you someone who enjoys ombré color patterns and you usually gravitate toward something fun and cool? This is a new take for a fun color in your case! Let these bangs look phenomenal and know that everyone will be jealous of your unique wig outcome!

30. Purple Curly Ponytail Wig

Purple Curly Ponytail Wig
Image Source:@labodiesbeauty

A fun ponytail that comes in 10 different fun colors! Try out this claw-type of a pony and enjoy the price of only $13! This is an 18-inch long ponytail that is heat-resistant and easy to install.

Updo curly ponytails are often a statement type of hairdo. Women who like to wear and try out different party-inspired looks will also want to give it a go with this kind. If you’re in your twenties you have probably seen this type of wig ponytail everywhere, right? Well if you dare give it a go with this quirky curly outcome. It is super fun and modern, ideal for those who are always trying to spice up their looks.

31. Black Pink And Purple Wig

Black Pink And Purple Wig
Image Source:halloweencostumes

If you’re looking for a full head-to-toe outfit for Halloween you should browse through this site. This colorful wig is $25 and is easy to install due to its elastic edge and mesh cap. A must-have for teens.

This is a fun and super colorful multi-colorful trend that women across the world love! It is a gorgeous wig that you can try out for the Halloween season and give it a go if you’re looking for something fun and vibrant. The color combo of black, pink, and purple will make you look like a true partyholic who knows how to set trends and make a loud statement.

32. Long Lilac Purple Wig With Bangs

Long Lilac Purple Wig With Bangs
Image Source:epiccosplay

Super bold, fun, and long, this wig is perfect for party women! This hair is $43 and is a 40-inch long beauty. It is heat-resistant, comes with great discount options, and will suit teens while being the perfect Halloween hairdo!

Super long wavy lilac beauty that is done in extreme length, want to give her a go? Women who enjoy party looks and those who want to go for something new and fun will like this! It also has some subtle anime vibe to it, making it a fun color solution and one of the rarest wigs that one can try out.

Which Wig Was Your Favorite?

Which wig you can’t wait to try out yourself? Are you more so into short or long looks? We have covered it all, let us know what you fancy the most, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new!

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