DIY Summer Flower Crown

DIY Summer Flower Crown

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Throughout spring and summer every store is packed with flower crowns and floral headbands. They’re festive and cute, but then I look at the price tag and find myself quoting my mother, “I could make that myself!”

And so I did!

The average cost I’ve seen from places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters range from $16-$28. With the purchase of my supplies mine came in at $15.97; however, I have enough supplies to create TWO more. Three for the price of one AND the bragging rights that I made it myself isn’t so bad in my book! These make great spring and summer accessories for music festivals, photo shoots, weddings, and any other excuse you need to feel like a nature queen!


Fake flowers, leaves, and/or floral garland

Industrial scissors or wire cutters

Cloth stem wire (if you’re not using a vine garland as your base)*

Green floral tape

I picked up my supplies from Jo-Ann Fabric and tried to stick to sales and use coupons so my dogwood bloom garland only cost $6.49, ivy garland $6.99, and floral tape was 2.49.

*Initially I was going to use cloth stem wire as the band of my crown, but realized the fake ivy would actually work great as a band instead and made less work for me since I only needed to add flowers in.

Remove flowers from bouquet or vine by plucking them off or by using industrial scissors or wire cutter to cut them off. Since I was able to just pull mine from the vine I ended up snipping off the larger base part to make a shorter stem on the flower to wrap. Measure your stem wire or the vine around your head where you would like the crown to rest. Allow a finger or two of space between the band and your head so you’ll have a comfortable amount of space after adding the flowers and wrapping with floral tape. Snip off excess vine or wire.

Wrap the two ends of the vines together tightly with floral tape.

Starting at one end, wrap the stem of the flower to the vine, leaving the blossom out. Keep the tape pulled tight. Continue to add flowers until you reach the end, spacing them as close or as far away from each other as you’d like.

When you get to where you started, wrap the tape around several times tightly and snip off excess. The great thing about floral tape is that it sort of sticks to itself, but if you’re worried about it coming undone, you could always place a small dab of glue on the end. Mine is still holding strong after several wears without any glue!

The whole process only took me about 20 minutes and now I’ve got a great accessory to wear all summer long!

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