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6 Rules To Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

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Doing your nails can be a fun experience – until you get to the drying of your manicure.

Not every woman has a UV or LED lamp laying around her home, which automatically means longer dry-time for your nails!

However, what if we told you that you can speed up the process, and enjoy flawless nails a lot faster, as long as you follow some simple tips & tricks? We can also help you achieve the perfect salon-like manicure with just some basic tools! Here’s what you should know!

How Long Does It Take For Your Nail Polish To Dry Down

How long do you let nail polish dry

This depends a lot on your polish application, as well as the thickness of your coats.

Usually, less is more, which means that you should start out thin and slow, and gradually add more (if needed). This rule applies to your base coat, nail polish, as well as a topcoat.

Three coats or more can definitely result in immediate smudging, so resist the urge to go thick and heavy!

Realistically and in most cases, it will take you around 15-20 minutes to dry your manicure fully. Make sure you are okay with investing a bit more time since this will help you prevent any spots or smudges.

Top 5 Things To Do When Painting Your Nails

File your nails

  • File your nails properly, and always use cuticle oil. The right nail prep and maintenance will help with the longevity of your manicure.
  • Remove any dirt as well as debris that is on your nails (and under them as well). It is also important to remove any oils since they may ruin the looks of your manicure.
  • Don’t rush the process, make sure that you have a steady hand while painting your nails.
  • Don’t drink coffee beforehand. It might make you shaky and cause you to ruin your nails or cause them to look uneven or smudges.
  • Always set it with a topcoat. It is important to set your manicure in place since otherwise, it will smudge & chip sooner than expected.

Top 5 Things That You Should Never Do Before Painting Or When Painting Your Nails

things do not to do before Painting nail

  • Don’t leave the nail polish tube open for too long. Your nail polish can dry out quickly, and it can end up looking uneven as well as textured over your nail bed. Always close the lid after doing one nail.
  • Don’t go to the bathroom. Make sure that you are prepped, set & ready to go! You should do all the bathroom duties beforehand and simply enjoy the polish application.
  • Don’t use some old & used-up polishes. They tend to look & feel quite sticky + they will look uneven once applied over your nail bed. You should repurchase new polishes every 5-6 months.
  • Stay away from humid places. Walking from one room to another and exposing your nails to different temperatures means playing with the texture of your polish. Stay in one room and enjoy the process! Turn on some relaxing music and focus.
  • Don’t change your mind mid-way. This is quite important since starting over and starting fresh isn’t that easy to do. Your acetone and your nail polishes won’t mix just as well on the nail, and the removal along with the application will look messy. So, choose your color wisely and only then paint away!

What You Should Know About Nail Polish Application: 6 Important Rules

Dry Time

It may take just a couple of minutes for your polish to dry down. Usually, you can do your base, two coats & a top-coat in 60 minutes!

However, each nail polish is different and every color can have a different dry-down period.

Most nail techs recommend that you paint your nails in the morning so that they can set throughout the day.

Once colored, you should also avoid:

  • The gym
  • Sauna
  • Baths
  • Hot showers
  • Washing the dishes

All of these places and activities can affect the dry-down period of your polish, and they can also cause it to smudge.

Do Thin Coats

As previously mentioned, thin coats are the way to go! Your nails will look a lot more precise & smooth, as long as you use the right approach.

Also, allow two minutes of drying time between each coat. This way your polishes won’t combine into one chunky mess, and they will look even and precise.

Try The Cold Water Trick

Cold Water Trick

Have you ever heard of the cold water trick? It is one of the easiest and fastest ways if you have to dry your nails.

Simply fill up a bowl with ice water and after you’ve waited around 30-60 seconds after painting your nails, place both of your hands in there!

Keep your hands in there for two minutes and enjoy this DIY trick if you are in a rush!

Use Cuticle Oil

Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil will provide an extra layer of protection and it will guarantee longevity. You should apply one drop of cuticle oil per nail and massage it in. These cuticle oils are quite affordable + they will last you for a couple of months, without a doubt!

Purchase A Nail Spray

There are some quick-drying sprays that you can purchase at a drugstore, or in some bigger malls. You should use these only when you’re running out of time, and when you need a quick fix that truly works!

A polish dryer sells for $10 or so, and you can simply spritz it on top for it to work.

Use A Hair Dryer As Your Final Resort

If you don’t own a UV or LED lamp you can always turn to the good old hairdryer trick!

Simply hold the blower six inches away from your nails and turn on the cool setting for one minute. This will set your nails without causing them to smear or smudge.

Ready For Flawless Nails?

And there you have it! This is how you achieve the perfect tack-free & smudge-free manicure in a matter of minutes! Always double-check your nails before you walk outside the house since you don’t want them to smear now, do you?

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