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30 Best Blue Wigs You Can Get Online That People Actually Swear 2022

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Blue hair wigs are so popular and often worn by women who like attention and drama. If you’re a fan of loud colors and fierce cuts this article will interest you! Keep on reading and find your next gorgeous blue hair wig down below. We have everything covered: short, long, light, and dark-colored looks. Find your next new must-have design down below.

Who Should Go For A Blue Wig?

Blue wigs are not for everyone. They are often worn by younger women who like to stand out and women who like the attention. If you’re a fan of drama this will suit you. Blue wigs are often a go-to by teens and women who like party looks and feminine bright loud ideas.

How Pricey Are Blue Wigs?

Your blue wig will vary in price. This depends a lot on your chosen hairstylist, their level of expertise, and the installation process of the wig. Most often, a bright blue wig will vary from $50-$500. Super cheap ones are found on some smaller sites and they are often made out of synthetic hair. Real-like human-hair wigs are pricier since they are a lot more sturdy and durable. Expect to pay around $300 for a high-quality wig and the installation process.

30 Best Blue Wigs You Can Get Online 2022

1. Blue Wig Short Look

Blue Wig Short Look
Image Source:@zoestudios

Cute and cool short synthetic hair that is 12 inches long. This wig has a density of 120% and is capless. It is often on sale and varies in price from $40-$120.

Shorter hair is for women who want something cute, sleek, and low-maintenance. Embrace this cut if you’re a fan of cute hairdos and stylish looks that won’t look too dominant. This one will suit any age group.

2. Blue Wig Ponytail

Blue Wig Ponytail
Image Source:@dmstudio_by_dimkamoryakova

If you are looking for a party hairdo consider this long pony. It is made with 100% synthetic fiber and can easily be clipped in. Enjoy 24 inches of hair and high-density texture for $15! You can get it in 14 different colors in total, perfect for party women.

How about this dramatic long ponytail? Women who are into elegance and drama, as well as party-inspired looks will like this beauty. It is a fierce hairdo with a lot of volume and elegance. Show off the inches to your next big major party and know that you’re one of a few who can rock it.

3. Blue Wig Curly Look

Blue Wig Curly Look
Image Source:@realidadrizada

Afro curly wig that is available in 9 unique shades and is 14 inches long. This is a synthetic wig that is easy to adjust and wear. You can get it on Amazon for $26!

Tight curls are for women who like to look bold and flirty! If you always wanted to have curly hair and you’re into defined looks, this is for you. Make sure that you use the right type of hair curling products to achieve and maintain this curly hairdo pattern.

4. Blue Wig Wavy Look

Blue Wig Wavy Look
Image Source:@ekaterina_kawaicat

You can purchase this wig on Instagram, which is what makes your navigation and shopper experience easy! Simply message this Instagram profile and let them inform you of the rates.

Medium-length hair is for women who like the low-maintenance looks and women who want something quick and easy to wear. If you like lighter blue shades and you’re a fan of wavy wigs this one will suit you. Show it off and its pure elegance to any event!

5. Blue Bob Wig With Bangs

Blue Bob Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@wigginit

This bob wig is glueless and ready to wear immediately! It comes with a breathable cap and is made with raw virgin hair. Enjoy the 4×4 lace closure and premium wig material at $700.

How about this bright blue wig with bangs?! Women who like the drama and a bit of that cool cut moment will like this beauty. It will suit any age group while often being seen and worn by younger women or teens.

6. Light Blue Bob Wig

Light Blue Bob Wig
Image Source:@teresharwig

If you are in the mood for wild colors you have to check out this Amazon wig! This bob wig comes in 18 different colors aside from blue. It is 12 inches long and only $16!

Light pastel blue wig is for women who enjoy that attention-seeking look. Are you into elegance and glamour? Do you enjoy looking flirty and modern? This bob wig will suit women who like to stand out and try out new looks!

7. Long Blue Wavy Wig

Long Blue Wavy Wig
Image Source:@superbwigs_fashion

Dark navy blue wig comes in lengths from 16-28 inches. This beauty is a frontal wig made out of real human hair with a density of 150%. Prices vary from $150 to $400 depending on the length you end up getting.

A long dark blue wig with a ton of curls and volume will suit women who like formal looks. If you’re a fan of longer wigs and dark blue color, consider this beauty. Women who are into shine and drama will like this XXL wig.

8. Dark Blue Wavy Wig

Dark Blue Wavy Wig
Image Source:@hairriloves

Bright blue lace frontal that is 24 inches long and less than $50! You can get it on Amazon along with two adjustable straps and combs. There is also the wig cap. Made with synthetic hair fibers.

Add a bit more color to this wig and stick to this dark blue vibe. Women who are into darker looks and swift bangs will like this outcome. Set it in place with your favorite shine spray and embrace the volume and elegance.

9. Icy Blue Wig With Bangs

Icy Blue Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@hazellwigs

Icy blue wig with bangs that is made with 100% heat-resistant premium synthetic fiber. It is 25 inches long and affordable (only $27). Feels very soft and natural and doesn’t overly shine or shed.

This icy-blue silver vibe will suit women who like unusual colors and hair dye that pops! This beauty is a bit harder to maintain. Make sure that you have the right hair shampoo and conditioner to maintain and prolong the color. The end result is perfect for women who are in their twenties!

10. Half-up Half-Down Blue Wig

Half-up Half-Down Blue Wig
Image Source:@colouredbydeana

A gorgeous long blue wig that is often out of stock because of its affordable price point. You can get this blue wig for $22 and in 7 different colors! Made with high-quality heat-resistant fiber and 26 inches in length, it also comes with one hair cap!

If you’re looking for a party-perfect and inspired look this will suit you. Make sure that you tie the front portion and bangs in this unique tight braid. Once executed the right way this will suit party women and those who need a cheerful wild look.

11. Medium Length Blue Wig

Medium Length Blue Wig
Image Source:@luxurioushairstore

This wig can be purchased online and through an Instagram account. You can contact the site directly and ask for a wig that they will get for you with a discount. Discuss details and have the wig of your dreams in no time!

Navy blue hair and shorter voluminous hair is for women who like the low-key and low-maintenance look. This wig will look amazing for the winter season thanks to its icy-cold vibe. Show it off and its elegance anywhere you go, enjoy the outcome if you’re a workaholic women.

12. Pastel Blue Wig Hairstyle

Pastel Blue Wig Hairstyle
Image Source:@essenciaxv

Get this gorgeous beauty in blue but also consider 7 different colors. This bob wig is 12 inches long and can be anywhere from $19-$40, depending on the seller. Make sure that you bleach the bangs to get the exact same outcome.

Try out this short bob in a light blue color but consider brightening and bleaching your bangs. If you’re a teen or someone who likes modern and attention-seeking looks this will intrigue you. Make sure that you show off these bangs and know that you’re one of a few who will have this design.

13. Tight Curly Blue Wig

Tight Curly Blue Wig
Image Source:@crystal11223302

A long curly wig that is ultra-soft, heat resistant, and affordable! You can get it for $18 and go for 6 more unique colors. It is a synthetic wig that is 24 inches long.

Long and voluminous, this dark blue hair is for those who like drama and elegance! Darker hair is for women who are into shiny looks and drama, as well as XXL extensions. Make sure that you install this wig properly to secure it in place for a while. It is not for low-maintenance women.

14. Super Straight Blue Wig

Super Straight Blue Wig
Image Source:@chicgoddessbeautybar

A lace frontal wig that is made with synthetic fabric goes for $40! You can also get it in two more colors. This is  100% heat resistant synthetic fiber hair that is very popular on Amazon.

Ultra-long, this sleek and shiny hairstyle is for women who like the mysterious element to their look. This sleek straight blue wig will suit younger women, as well as those who are in their twenties. Show off this beauty for everyday wear and set it with your favorite hairspray to maintain the shine.

15. Party Blue Wig Hairstyle

Party Blue Wig Hairstyle
Image Source:@luann.ros

A neon blue long wig that you’re going to love for the Halloween season! This site has a lot of fun wigs and costumes at super low prices. Go for this beauty for $20!

Half-up half-down wig such as this one is for girls who like party looks. Show your dominance with this hairdo. You will also enjoy the slight bang moment. This blue wig is high-maintenance, so make sure that you’re up for the outcome and the updo.

16. Light Blue Pastel Bob Wig

Light Blue Pastel Bob Wig
Image Source:@thesupermuse

Choose the thickness when it comes to this wig: 100, 120, or 140 options. This lace frontal wig is usually on sale and you can get it for $60 or $100. It is also high-quality and heat-resistant.

Not a lot of shops carry this type of wig. If you manage to find a trustworthy site make sure that you get your hands on the wig while it is still in stock. Make sure that you emphasize the color and the bob cut if you’re a drama queen yourself. You’re going to like the outcome if you’re a teen or someone in your twenties.

17. Long Shiny Blue Wig With Bangs

Long Shiny Blue Wig With Bangs
Image Source:@hairriloves

Experiment with different lengths and get this wig in 16-28 inches. Made with real human hair and with 180% density, this bright blue beauty is a pricey one. You can get a wig from $200-$800, depending on sales and discounts.

Are you in the mood for XXL hairdos? This long bright blue wig is for women who like the drama and the looks! Make sure that you’re up for these inches and show them off anywhere you go! If you’re a bold and bright person yourself this will suit you. Heads up since it is a high-maintenance look.

18. Aqua Bob Blue Wig

Aqua Bob Blue Wig
Image Source:@elissawolfe

Made with real human hair, this wig has been pre-plucked and you can get it in lengths from 8 to 14 inches. Prices vary from $90 to $140 and its lifespan is up to one year.

Light aqua bob wig is for women who want to spice it up! If you’re a fan of color and drama this will suit you. Make sure that you consider this wig for the summer season. You will enjoy this color if you’re in your twenties and if you’re a party girl yourself! Wear it confidently and proudly if you get it.

19. Navy Blue Wig

Navy Blue Wig
Image Source:@shumeidahair

A dark-blue wig made with 100% human hair material is the perfect lace wig. If you need variety and options just know that this one comes in sizes from 10-30 inches. You can also choose your cap size, hair texture, and elastic band. Prices vary from $100-$700, depending on the length you go for.

Dark blue hair is for women who like drama and elegance. If you’re a fan of cute looks this will suit you and intrigue you. Make sure that you take your time when it comes to this wig since it is not as easy to install or rock on a daily. It will suit serious women the best.

20. A-line Bob Wig

A-line Bob Wig
Image Source:@aheadhairmedia

This bright blue bob cut is made with 100% human hair and has a hair density of 150%. Go for 12 or 14 inches and get the right cap that suits you! This wig varies in price and goes for $180-$400.

Defined A-line bob such as this one is amazing for party women! If you’re a fan of precision and dramatic cuts this will suit you. Make sure that you go for this wig if you’re into sharp and edgy looks. Also, this wig can be cut whenever you feel like it.

21. Super Long Blue Wig

Super Long Blue Wig
Image Source:@cliphairusa

Another gorgeous Remy wig that comes in 18, 20, or 22 inches. Choose a cap size on the site (small, medium, custom, or large). It has 200% hair thickness and is often on sale. Get it anywhere from $200-$600.

Add as much volume as possible to this beauty. If you like mermaid hairdos and elegance this will intrigue you. If you have a party or a prom ahead consider this wig. It will look the best on younger girls who are into volume, definition, and a lot of drama!

22. Short Blue Pixie Wig

Short Blue Pixie Wig
Image Source:@miamihairmel

If you are into that anime look this will suit you. This is a synthetic hair wig that is $14 only! You can also get it in 13 different colors. It is 8 inches long and made with synthetic fibers.

Pixie haircuts are so popular and common at the moment! Women who like shorter looks and low-maintenance ideas will enjoy this beauty. Make sure that you get some stylish bangs to round up the look. This way even though it is short the cut will look dramatic and quite playful on most women!

23. Blue Hair With Bangs Wig

Blue Hair With Bangs Wig
Image Source:@yotshair

Hair with bangs such as this one is $20, available in 7 different color options. Made out of high-quality synthetic fiber, it is also heat resistant up to 180 degrees. It is 14 inches in length and is available on Amazon.

Do you like longer and attention-seeking looks? If you want to combine your blue wig with a pair of bangs, consider this wig! It will look modern and gorgeous on younger girls or teens. Show off this beauty and chop your bangs whenever and however you feel like! You will love it for any event.

24. Blue Wig With Highlights

Blue Wig With Highlights
Image Source:@legendary_crowns

Hair with highlights is a synthetic lace frontal wig that comes in 20+ different and fun colors! It is heat-resistant and $45. It is 22 inches long and made out of a unique yet durable hair blend.

Some women like highlights and dramatic switch-ups or streaks in their wigs. Are you one of those women yourself? If so, this colorful wig is for you! Women who love to follow trends and those who are often on TikTok will like this design since it is everywhere. Go for something popular if you dare!

25. Dark Blue Long Wig

Dark Blue Long Wig
Image Source:@jbootybb

A blue body wave frontal that you can get from 10-22 inches. It is made with human Remy hair and the base is a Swiss lace. Prices vary from $140 up to $750 (depending on the length and sale options that you go for).

Dark blue hair is a lot more wearable and appropriate for everyday wear.  If you want a bit of that curl for your semi-formal wear, consider this beauty. It will look amazing on any age group, no restrictions when it comes to this wig!

26. Icy Blue Long Wig

Icy Blue Long Wig
Image Source:@donebyarii_

A gorgeous icy aqua blue wig that goes for $50 while being available in 15 fun colors! It is 24 inches long and made with synthetic hair fibers. Silky smooth and tangle-free.

Some girls or women really like to stand out with their chosen wig look. Do you want to stand out and seek attention everywhere you go? This light, long and icy blue wig will look phenomenal on you! Make sure that you enjoy the length and inches to fully enjoy this beauty.

27. Blue Wig With Highlights Long

Blue Wig With Highlights Long
Image Source:@hairstylist_revsan

Ombre blue wig that you can get for $200 is a frontal wig made out of synthetic fibers. You will also get a hair cap with this 26-inch model. Heads up when it comes to this site since they often have and do sales.

If you’re looking for a formal look and your main goal is to look breathtaking, we recommend this design! It will look gorgeous on younger girls or party women. Make sure that you can handle the upkeep and maintenance when it gets to this long and glorious blue wig.

28. Light Blue Chopped Pixie Bob

Light Blue Chopped Pixie Bob
Image Source:@carly_hairministry

Enjoy the variety when it comes to this site! Go for a 21-inch option along with 2 or 4 wig clips. This wig goes for $70-$120 and is a hand-made wig that is often on sale.

For those who like practicality and cute shorter looks, this is the way to do it! This light aqua teal blue color is very different and unique. You should know that you’re going to be one of a few people with it. If you’re a fan of volume and pixie cuts this wig has the best of both worlds in store for you!

29. Navy Bob With Bangs Wig

Navy Bob With Bangs Wig
Image Source:@hairsandhues

Contact this Instagram site to get your hands on this model! They do free nationwide delivery and worldwide shipping. They will help you customize any order and have it with you in the shortest time possible.

Dark blue wigs and hair with bangs suit women who like drama, inches and vibrancy! If you’re on the lookout for something fun and different, consider this navy blue beauty. Women who want an everyday look that is goth yet not too edgy should buy this wig.

30. Blue Updo Anime Wig

Blue Updo Anime Wig
Image Source:@epiccosplaywigs

If you’re on a budget this site will intrigue you! They sell affordable wigs and costumes that are perfect for Halloween. This model is $10 only! It is a synthetic hair-on mesh cap for special occasions.

Lastly, if you are a fan of this light blue anime wig and you usually watch anime cartoons, why not add this light blue wig to your shopping cart? You will like its volume, bangs and uniqueness. It is also low-maintenance and perfect for Halloween!

Are You Ready To Wear It?

Did you enjoy this article and our list? If so, which one look you can’t wait to try and wear? Let us know which one bright blue wig is your favorite among these 30 options. We can’t wait to see what you end up picking.

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