DIY Canopies and Sun Shades for Your Backyard

DIY Canopies and Sun Shades for Your Backyard

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The wonderful people of Modernize reached out to me and wanted to share a DIY post with you all on how to make your own backyard canopy or sun shade! Things are already warming up here in Portland and I know I’ll be making one of these soon to save us from the heat!

DIY Canopies/Sun Shades for Your Backyard

by Rudri Bhatt Patel

Canopies can make a great addition to your backyard. Unique canopy designs will not only accentuate the landscape of your home, but offer a practical way to keep you under the shade and the sun out of your eyes. Beautiful outdoor curtains and various fabrics will help with privacy, while adding a dramatic flair to your outdoor space. Canopies are versatile and children and adults will love to have some fun under these intimate, but enchanting areas. Check out these DIY canopy and sun shade designs for your backyard.

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Fabric Canopy

Pick out a fabric that you think will fit with the theme of your backyard and make use of an awning that is already in place. Add the appropriate curtain rod or metal support, add your hooks and let your curtain hang to offer the maximum amount of shade. You can add as much fabric as you want to create your personal oasis in your backyard.

Umbrella Canopy Design

For this DIY canopy design, all you need is several parasol umbrellas and several bulbed string lights. Depending on the intended effect, choose different colors based on your theme. If you are looking for a more sophisticated way to decorate your backyard, you may want to use black and white umbrellas. For a kid’s party, a rainbow of colors might add the right amount of playfulness to your outdoor space. Simply hang the lights and let the parasols hang from the string. In minutes, you have transformed your backyard!

Simple Canopy Design

Do you have trees in your backyard? String a rope between trees that are close together and drape a piece of fabric on it. This will make a perfect hideaway for kids who want to have fun outdoors. They can play games, read a book or even take a nap under this makeshift canopy.

DIY Garden canopy

For this canopy you will need outdoor waterproof fabric, 4 large size grommets, 4 closet poles, 40 Lb. bags of sand,  4 plastic 8″ garden pots, 4  large size T cup hooks, 4 tent stakes and twine. Using the grommets, hooks and poles you can create a vertical structure so that the weatherproof fabric will fasten to each upright stick. For detailed instructions, check out Your Cozy Home. Add a few flower pots and you can have your zen garden to enjoy with minimal effort.

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Via Your Cozy Home

Dining Space Canopy

Do you want to entertain in your background, but also make it an intimate experience? Use PVC pipes and the fabric of your choice to transform a part of your backyard into a unique dining area. Add a dining table, chairs and a rug to make your outdoor space look like a room in your home. The natural scenery will definitely add an element to your dining experience. With some music, you create an evening to remember for you and your guests.

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