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091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER1

Spring is coming to a close, but you don’t have to say goodbye to all the gorgeous spring flowers just yet! Preserve your favorite ones or perhaps a bouquet from a loved one by drying them and turning it into customized wall art to enjoy year-round!


091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER2


Flowers from the yard or a bouquet (they don’t need to be fresh!)

Paper towels

A few large and heavy books (preferably ones you don’t care about messing up)


Stretched canvas (the size I used was 16×20″)

Mod Podge

Paint brush or foam brush

Measuring tape


Acrylic paint

Fine point paint brush

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER3

**This project cannot be completed in a day unless you already have flattened dried flowers! So have patience!**

At the back of a large book lay down a sheet of paper towels, the flowers you would like to use, and then another sheet of paper towels on top of the flowers. If you’re using extremely fresh flowers I would use 2 or 3 sheets of flowers so you don’t ruin the book.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER4

Carefully close the book and place a few more heavy books or objects on top to flatten them out. Now you wait! Here’s an in progress photo

 of my flowers about 2 and a half weeks in..

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER5 091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER6

They were still a bit gooey so I let them sit another 2 or 3 weeks.

Once your flowers have completely dried, carefully peel away from the paper towels. Don’t freak out if some or even all of the petals come loose.. you’re going to basically glue everything back together again!

(1.) Arrange your dried flowers how you want them on your canvas. (2.) Snip off any excess stems. (3.) Slide the flowers up or off the canvas. Paint on a thick coat of Mod Podge and then place the flowers back on. (4.) Lightly press down.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER7

Paint another thin coat of Mod Podge over the flowers and remaining blank canvas. Be careful not to tear away any leaves or petals when brushing over the top. I went with a dabbing method on top of the flowers so I didn’t drag away any petals while coating the tops.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER8 091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER9

Set aside to dry for 45 minutes to an hour. Once completely dry, use a measuring tape to make a straight line across the canvas. Use a pencil and make light dash marks along the measuring tape.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER10

Still using the pencil, write out a phrase, quote, or lyric that you would like on your canvas. I went with a lyric from one our favorite songs, ‘3 Rounds and a Sound’ by Blind Pilot.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER11

Now this is when most of you will say, ‘My handwriting is terrible!’ I know! So is mine! Find a pretty cursive font on your computer and type it out. Then just mimic what you see! It doesn’t need to be 100% perfect because the point is to have YOUR handwriting on it so it’s personalized.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER12

Next, pour out some paint

 in a small cup or plate, dab the tip of the paint brush in and trace over your words.

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER13

*Tattooed Martha tip: Do not attempt this after downing 3 large coffees! My hand was shaking so bad that it took me twice as long to complete it! Haha

Give your lettering a few minutes to dry

 and then trace a second coat to make it more opaque. Once that coat is dry, hang it up, and you’re done!

It makes a wonderful piece of art to share your favorite song or quote


 with a bouquet from a significant other or you can make this as a gift to a loved one!

091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER14 091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER15 091520 0723 DRIEDFLOWER16

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