DIY Hair Flower Clips

DIY Hair Flower Clips

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Summer is the perfect time to incorporate florals into your wardrobe and my favorite way to do that is with hair flowers! It always baffles me to see how expensive hair flowers are in some shops when it’s so easy (and cheap!) to make your own. I scored my roses for just a few bucks, grabbed some hair clips, and put it all together with my hot glue gun.. also known as my FIX EVERYTHING gun. Seriously.. the only reason we got our last security deposit back is because I fixed everything in the apartment with hot glue! Follow my quick tutorial on how to make your own hair flowers and then you too can become a fashionable handy woman around the house! 091020 0915 DIYHairFlow2


091020 0915 DIYHairFlow3


Fake flowers

Wire cutters or strong scissors

Metal hair clips (found at most craft stores)

Green felt

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

(1.) Using scissor or wire cutters (some fake flowers have wire running through the stems), cut the flower bloom from the stem. These particular flowers I was able to pull right off the stem, but used the wire cutters to remove the remaining plastic bud at the base of the flower. You want the backs of your flowers to be as flat as possible so they rest easier on your clip and don’t stick out awkwardly when you’re wearing them. I also snipped off a few leaves from the stem and glued them to the back of my flower. This is entirely optional, I just wanted to add a bit more to mine. (2.) Cut out a 1 inch by 1 ½ inch rectangle of felt and clamp your metal hair clip right in the center. (3.) Run several lines of hot glue over the top of the hair clip and felt piece. (4.) Press down on the back of your flower, tacking the edges down, and holding for 30 seconds to a minute or until the glue sets up. Repeat with remaining hair flowers and allow them all about 5 minutes for the glue to be completely set up.

Clip them into your hair and wear them proudly!

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