How To Fix A Broken Nail

5 Easy Ways To Fix A Broken Nail At Home

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Nothing is worse than having to book your manicurist just for one broken nail. The process itself is not pricey, but it can definitely be time-consuming. Think about it.

When you break your nail, you have to make an appointment, drive yourself there & back; just to spend 10 minutes at a salon! It won’t take your nail tech more than 10 minutes to do either acrylics, gels, or a simple extension just for one nail.

Fixing one nail doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, you can do this on your own! Here, we will present the top 5 ways on how you can fix your broken nail from the comfort of your home. Keep on reading and find out how to save that broken nail!

Top 5 Ways That Will Help You Fix Your Broken Nail

Use Glue

Use the Glue

If you are experiencing a slight split of the nail and you want to fix it, this is the right approach. Completely broken off nails will need some special care and a more tactical approach. This method, however, will help with a slight split + it is easy to do since everyone has glue in their household.

  1. Start by buffing the surface of your nail and make sure that you are very gentle. Do not damage your nails, and don’t apply hard pressure.
  2. Use a fast-drying nail glue. These are quite affordable and you can get them in any drugstore or beauty supply store. Add two coats of this product and bring back the nail to its place by dragging it to its perfect position. You can also use other kinds of glues if you don’t have a nail glue at your home.
  3. Once the product is completely dry use a thin coat of clear nail polish and add it over your fixed nail. This will set it in place furthermore and it will make your manicure durable until your next appointment.

PS: Make sure to avoid some duties and cleaning tasks until your next appointment. Your saved nail is not as flexible or durable, so be gentle with it.

Use Gel And Silk Wrap

Use Gel And Silk Wrap

If your nail is damaged and unrepairable, use this approach. Some nails can fully crack and hang off, so just let them be! Once the nail is off, use the gel and silk wrap method.

  1. Make sure that you are working with a clean surface. Once your nail is completely off, use a nail polish remover and a nail buffer to prep your surface. Remove any unwanted residue, oils, as well as dirt before you begin the repairing process.
  2. Yet again, use nail glue if there’s a chance for you to mend the crack. If not, go straight to your clear gel polish and apply two coats of it over your nail!
  3. While the gel is still wet you should use a piece of silk. Make sure that you pre-cut the silk before you place it over your nail. Add the product over your entire nail bed surface, or just to the corners where you’ve experienced the breakage. This little silk trick will act as a bandaid, and it will repair your broken part.
  4. Once your silk sets lightly buff it with a nail buffer to get that even and smooth surface. This will give out a feel of a natural nail. Now, add one more coat of your gel polish and make the nail as realistic as possible!

Longevity-wise, this trick will help with your nails for 5-7 days. You will be safe & sound till your next manicure appointment for sure!

Use Gel Strips

Use Gel Strips

If you are not that much into DIY projects and you want something that is quick & efficient, go for this method. It is a lot similar to the silk-wrap method, only a bit easier to do.

  1. Make sure you purchase the gel strips at your beauty store before you begin the process.
  2.  Clean off any gel residue, oils, as well as nail polish from your broken nail. Use a buffer and get an even surface that is also easy to work on.
  3. You can use nail glue if the crack is repairable and glue it back together.
  4.  Stick gel strips on top of your natural nails and use these as your tape-like alternatives. Make sure that your purchased gel strips are the same color as your current nail polish.

Use A Tea Bag Method

Use A Tea Bag Method

One of the easiest, most popular, as well as money-saving solutions has got to be this one. If you don’t mind its maintenance level and you can redo the process a couple of times per week, give your tea bags a chance!

  1. Use any teabag that you have at your home. Cut the top off and adjust it roughly to the size of your breakage.
  2. Use nail glue or some other glue to place your teabag in place and for it to stick firmly. While the glue is still wet slowly place the bag over the nail. Use a pair of tweezers if more convenient and practical for you.
  3. Once everything dries down you should paint your nail polish or gel polish over it. This method will keep your nail safe and in place for 2 days, so make sure that you redo it every here and there.

Go For A Powder Fill

Go For A Powder Fill

Last, but not least, there is the powder fill method that is a lot more durable and practical than some other methods. If you have experience in doing nails and you are confident enough; give this solution a go!

  1. You should have some nail powder near you before you begin the process. Also, use nail glue to fix the crack (if it is still salvageable). Sprinkle your nail powder over your broken nail while the surface is still wet from the glue.
  2. Do this step a couple of times, but make sure that each coat dries in between your attempts. You should have up to three layers on top of your dip powder.
  3. You will easily set everything in place with a glue-drying spray. Apply this product over your glue and powder. Make sure to buff the surface out afterward. You will achieve the perfect shape, length & outcome for the following 6-7 day period!

If All Else Fails, There Is This Method!

cutting all of your nails

In the end, if you don’t feel as if you can do these methods and hacks on your own, you can always turn to another method – cutting all of your nails.

Cracked, chipped and broken nail can be saved in another way (in a reversed process). You don’t have to spend time & money on shaping and creating a new nail. Simply cut all of your nails off and get them to the exact same state and length as your broken nail. File your nails, shape them, and get them all to look even.

Although your nails may appear short, they are still neat & precise, as well as even, which is the most important part of every manicure!

Ready To Save That Nail?

You can have flawless nails without running to the salon. Make sure you invest 15 minutes and you’ll save your broken nail easily! Just follow one of our top 5 methods and you’ll love the outcome on a budget!

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