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Top 35 Stylish Butterfly Locs Hairstyle Ideas (2023 Update)

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Are you a fan of butterfly loc hairstyles? Have you ever heard about this hairdo before? If not, now is the right time for you to experiment with this look and browse through some cute and stylish ideas. Keep on reading as we list and talk about some of the prettiest ideas that one girl can choose from, ideal for any age group or hair length!

Butterfly Locs: FAQ

1. What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are a variant of faux locs achieved using the crotchet method. This is a method and a technique where wavy hair is looped into a braid using a crotchet needle. It takes skill, time, and patience to achieve and recreate this hairstyle effortlessly. The end result is loosely wrapped to give it a distressed/unraveled look. You can do this look with your natural hair or with hair extensions.

2. Who Should Try Butterfly Locs?

Women who are in their twenties will like this look the most. However, anyone can go for this hairdo. What is important to outline is that this hairstyle is mostly worn by African women and those who like curly or wavy ideas. You’re going to enjoy this cut the most if you need a party or a night-out hairdo.

3. How Pricey Is A Butterfly Loc Hairdo?

Your hairstylist can charge anything that they want with this look. This is because the end result will depend on your natural hair and its texture, as well as if you plan on using any type of weaves or hair extensions. The final price can be anywhere from $100-$200.

Top 35 Butterfly Locs Hairdos

1. Half-Up Half-Down Butterfly Loc

Half-Up Half-Down Butterfly Loc
Image Source:@instasbestbraids

Women who have naturally gorgeous and curly hair will enjoy this outcome. If you want a party-inspired and party-perfect look that is chic and trendy you are going like this one. Make sure that you go for this updo bun moment to show off this sleek and playful idea. Those who are in their twenties and women who like to have fun with their looks will enjoy this butterfly loc.

2. Butterfly Faux Locs Hairstyles

Butterfly Faux Locs Hairstyles
Image Source:@_styledbyd

Go for this red-colored hairdo and show off your butterfly locs if you’re someone who likes elegance and fiery ideas. Let the world see your bold side and your love for quirky and dramatic looks. Heads up since the red color is high-maintenance and not for everyone to experiment with. Enjoy it if you’re someone who likes fall-inspired and warm-colored tones.

3. Butterfly Locs Hair Ponytail

Butterfly Locs Hair Ponytail
Image Source:@thejxxlineffect

This gorgeous long loose ponytail with butterfly locs will suit women who like to show off their style through their hair. This idea and concept will suit younger women and teens. Usually, women who are in their twenties or teens will like this beauty. Show off your sexy side but also enjoy the practicality of these butterfly locs.

4. Butterfly Locs Hair Long

Butterfly Locs Hair Long
Image Source:@shay__newman

Tie your hair in the back and stick to this blonde color. If you’re someone who likes flashy looks and you’re a fan of yellow undertones this will look phenomenal on you. Secure it in the back with your favorite hair ties and elastics to show off the beauty while also enjoying its long-lasting properties.

5. Modern Red Hair Locs

Modern Red Hair Locs
Image Source:@lex.bae_

Show off this cute red hair with fiery locs! The end result is perfect for women who are in their twenties. If you enjoy retro looks and you’re someone who knows how to show off your feminine elegant side, give it a go with this look. It will look good once left this voluminous, so make sure that you use a curling cream or curl foam to show off this retro idea.

6. Butterfly Locs Updo Ponytail

Butterfly Locs Updo Ponytail
Image Source:@worldofbraiding

You can tie your hair in a ponytail. This way, you will end up with something low-key and elegant. However, the look can be practical since it won’t get in your way or your face. Make sure that you secure it properly before you start to rock these butterfly locs anywhere you go.

7. Black & White Butterfly Locs

Black & White Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@aniyabstylez

Not everyone dares to color their hair this way. If you’re someone who likes elegance and a well-balanced look this is for you. Women who have naturally long and voluminous hair will want to rock these locs. Make sure that you color them and touch them up on a regular. The end result will look retro and party-perfect. Heads up since this look is high-maintenance.

8. Dramatic Long Ponytail

Dramatic Long Ponytail
Image Source:@hair_ecstasyy

Tight and secure braids will work so well on younger women who need a proper hairdo. If you need something that is party-perfect and you’re in the mood for a longer look that you can wear anytime any place – stick to this. Add a ton of hairspray to secure your hair in place for the entire day.

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9. Bright Red Curly Look

Bright Red Curly Look
Image Source:@beyoutifulhairdrip

Hot red hair is for women who like to show off. Does this sound like you? If so, give it a go with this cut! Longer hair is for those who can’t wait to express their style. Show everyone that you are capable of taking a risk and showing off at all times. The end result is perfect for elegant and feminine beauties.

10. Black & Red Butterfly Locs

Black & Red Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@hair.bymaryam

Leave your base natural and dark black or brown but color the ends in red. This way, you will end up with something unique and different. Color your hair every 2-3 months to maintain this color. Red is not easy to pull off, so make sure that you book a hairstylist who is skilled when it comes to similar ideas.

11. Straight Hair Thick Braids

Straight Hair Thick Braids
Image Source:@narahairbraiding

Go for these butterfly locs if you prefer straight hair and drama with color! This hairdo will look feminine and elegant at the same time. Show off this color combo and wear these locs anywhere you want and like. Red will take some time and maintenance, so make sure that you’re capable of recoloring it or touching up every here and there to maintain and enjoy this design.

12. Updo Look Modern Take

Updo Look Modern Take
Image Source:@ittystylez

Do you enjoy cute updos? Are you someone who likes feminine ideas and hair locs? This look will suit women who want something for everyday wear that is simple and cute. You will enjoy this design for your sporty or casual events. The best part is that your hair won’t come in contact with your face for the entire day.

13. Light Chunky Ponytail

Light Chunky Ponytail
Image Source:@fauxlocsandthings

This giant and chunky blonde ponytail are for those who like drama and volume. Add some hair extensions to achieve this look and this beauty. The end result is quite quirky and different. Women who have naturally thicker hair will also enjoy this design. It will work so well as your party-perfect look.

14. Messy Bun Butterfly Locs

Messy Bun Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@monetathoneybush

Tie your hair up in this cute cool bun. If you’re one of those women who enjoy butterfly locs and voluminous looks why not get this idea? You’ll look like a true beauty and someone who is trendy yet pretty. The end result is low-key and quite easy to style and achieve on your own. Make sure that you have patience when it comes to initially getting or installing these braids. You’ll love the outcome in the long run, we can bet!

15. Sleek Ponytail With Braids

Sleek Ponytail With Braids
Image Source:@crownedbyallure

Long and bold pony for women who enjoy stylish looks. Go with this look and show off your layers if you’re someone who knows how to do longer bolder ponytails. The end result will suit younger girls and teens. If you’re someone who likes party-inspired looks and hairdos that are stylish and proper for your formal events, book this look!

16. Short Black Hair With Braid

Short Black Hair With Braid
Image Source:@artistictouches__

If your hair is on a shorter side you can still consider getting this look. If you have thick coarse hair make sure that you have enough patience and time when installing it and getting it done initially. If you’re in your thirties this might intrigue you the most.

17. Long Curly Hair Natural Brown

Long Curly Hair Natural Brown
Image Source:@beccasbeautybar.tt

How fluffy and gorgeous is this look? Women who know how to show off their natural texture and those who are proud of their elegant locs will also enjoy these butterfly locs. Make sure that you use a lot of hairspray and set the hair in place to prolong the lifespan of this look. Your natural curls will look so fluffy and cute for everyday wear.

18. Modern Red Hairdo Look

Modern Red Hairdo Look
Image Source:@dstylezzz_llc

This is a gorgeous color for younger women, as well as teens. Do you need a hairdo or color that you can wear for the fall season? Try this look out and wear it for the upcoming period! Make sure that you touch up your color every now and then since red is high-maintenance and not as easy to achieve on your own.

19. Black & Red Updo Braids

Black & Red Updo Braids
Image Source:@haitianqueenslay

Tie your hair up in this long and loose pony. If you have a lot of material to work with and you’re in the mood for something cute and elegant, this is it! Once done in a ponytail this look will suit any girl. Make sure that you have patience for the initial installation process. Once done the right way you’ll understand the beauty of this look for your everyday wear.

20. Butterfly Locs Updo Bun With Sticks

Butterfly Locs Updo Bun With Sticks
Image Source:@braidsbyreeva

How about this cute and cool samurai look? You can show off your bun with some cool chopstick details. Women who are in their twenties will enjoy this design the most. If you are a fan of updos and you want to give it a go with a cool bun concept with butterfly locs, this is a must-do!

21. Updo Orange Auburn Butterfly Locs

Updo Orange Auburn Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@imthatbee_

Orange or red hair is for women who like to wear noticeable colors and brighter ideas. If you’re someone who appreciates warm tones and you’re into cute looks with a ton of volume, consider this beauty. Curl the locs and wear these butterfly locs anywhere you want to. Women who are in their young 30s might appreciate this look the most. Get a nourishing and high-quality conditioner to prolong its health and shine.

22. Black Hairdo Half Up Look

Black Hairdo Half Up Look
Image Source:@lydia6789a

Wear your hair in a bun if you prefer simpler looks and something that won’t get in your way during the day. This hairdo will suit women who have naturally thick, coarse, and curly hair. Make sure that you use a lot of bobbi pins to secure this look for your every day or night-time wear. If you’re a fan of elegant looks that are voluminous and iconic this beauty is for you.

23. Butterfly Locs Icy Hairdo

Butterfly Locs Icy Hairdo
Image Source:@afrokikicepletenovisadibelgrad

Icy blonde and silver-toner hairdos and looks are quite modern nowadays. If you’re someone who likes to experiment with your look on a monthly basis and you dare to wear bright or funky colors, test this out. It is a time-consuming yet pretty look that will work and look the best on teens or those who are wanting a change with their dark brown colored hair.

24. Straight & Sleek Butterfly Locs

Straight & Sleek Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@tresonsweavesoc

Tie your hair in a braid and pull it back all the way. Once you achieve this elegant look secure all of your butterfly locs in the back. The end result can come in handy for your night-outs but you can also spice it up with a proper outfit and wear to the gym in a casual way. This is totally up to you.

25. Black & Yellow Braided Look

Black & Yellow Braided Look
Image Source:@ulanalove

Incorporate black, brown & blonde types of highlights into your look. Ladies who enjoy different colors and mixes of them will like this outcome. If you have time and patience when it comes to maintaining and coloring up or touching up your look you are going to see the beauty of this butterfly loc. Stick to these long and voluminous extensions if you dare to wear something crazy and you wish to stand out at all times.

26. Box Braids With Butterfly Locs

Box Braids With Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@layedandslayedbylay

If you’re a teen you already know how popping and popular this cut can be. If you are crazy and wild when it comes to your ideas we know that you’re going to enjoy something similar. Express your cute and retro side and know that this loc hairdo is not too high-maintenance either.

27. Burgundy Purple Straight Hair

Burgundy Purple Straight Hair
Image Source:@braid_n_slay_by_nayy

How about a splash of purple? This color on top of your dark brown or black base will look good on its own, but a pop of purple? Combine these colors and show the world where you stand when it comes to creative ideas. Make sure that you invest around 2-3 hours when initially getting this loc. It is a time-consuming beauty, unfortunately.

28. Half Part Hairdo

Half Part Hairdo
Image Source:@toyotresshair

Add a bit of volume and wear your hair on the sides. This hairdo just shows you that you can wear your butterfly locs even in a formal way. Set the hair in place with a ton of hairspray and wear it to enjoy its full elegance for your big and important days or meetings.

29. Dramatic Voluminous Orange Updo

Dramatic Voluminous Orange Updo
Image Source:@beastatbraid_

Hot orange hair is so flashy, trendy & modern these days. Tie it up in a messy bun if you’re someone who enjoys retro looks that are easy to do and maintain. It is strange, but it will work and look the best on younger ladies who are wanting a change.

30. Butterfly Locs Purple & Black Combo

Butterfly Locs Purple & Black Combo
Image Source:@braidsstyles8

Burgundy or auburn hair colors will look flawless on women who are into flashy and bold looks. Want to seek attention anywhere you go and have the prettiest hair possible? This type of butterfly locs and color combo will make you enjoy your new extravagant look on the go!

31. Short Natural Black Butterfly Locs

Short Natural Black Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@zurihairstudio

If you’re a natural beauty and you prefer shorter hairdos and looks this will look good on you. Most ladies go for this style since it is so low-key and low-maintenance. Show off your stylish side and wear your hair in this loose loc way. You won’t have to cut it too often either.

32. Space Buns Butterfly Locs

Space Buns Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@hershestyledit

Pigtail buns or space buns are so feminine, chic and in right now! If you’re in the mood for something trendy and totally different, why not give this beauty a chance? You can rock your space buns for any formal or informal event. Heads up since it is a time-consuming look when compared to some other options.

33. Ombre Inspired Hairstyle

Ombre Inspired Hairstyle
Image Source:@vickyhairstylist_

How about you try out an ombre way and approach of doing hair? This color and style of butterfly locs can also look good on workaholic women. If your hair is quite long and you need to make a change of some sort the best way you can, play around with this.

34. Purple Ponytail Butterfly Locs

Purple Ponytail Butterfly Locs
Image Source:@braidsorwhatevuh

Hot purple and lilac hairdos are for younger girls and those who enjoy shiny and show-stopping looks. If you’re a fan of bold ideas and you want to try out something retro and party-perfect, consider this loc. Purple is a tricky color to wear and achieve, so heads up before you commit.

35. Hair With Highlights & Braids

Hair With Highlights & Braids
Image Source:@donebyaj

Lastly, combine dark brown/black and yellow hair dye to achieve this look. Women who are in love with subtle color ideas or transitions will prefer this flip to their everyday hairdo. Make sure that you use high-quality hair dye to get the exact same results.

Style Your Hair Now This Way!

Ready to experiment with one of these recommended ideas? Make sure that you let us know which hairdo was your favorite. Women of any age can try out this look. Let us know how you feel about it, as well as what your prettiest and next go-to hair is going to be.

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