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I think I could probably survive on fine meats, cheeses, and cheap wine for the rest of my life. I also seem to be forever short on time so this is my go-to when I get off work. Along with being a habitual snacker, I’m also a bit of a knife lover. I carry one with me always for protection, cutting boxes open, and slicing up fruit, cheese, and anything else delicious that requires a little bladework to enjoy. The problem was finding a blade that was discrete, lightweight, sharp enough, and stylish to carry all the time.. then I was introduced to Deejo knives.

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*Disclaimer: I was provided a free Deejo knife to customize and review. Free or not, I do not share reviews unless I genuinely stand by a product or brand. All opinions and words are my own.

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Being a tattoo and art lover, I was instantly drawn to all the different designs to choose from for the blade. Everything from traditional pin-ups, tattoo flash, waves, animals, and art deco designs. With over 60 different designs to choose from, I had a tough time choosing just one! The personalization doesn’t end there though, there’s also 3 different sizes, 3 different finishes for the blade, and wood, carbon fiber, or colored polycarbonate handle options. For a little extra the handle can be engraved with a personalized message making it a great gift option for any outdoor lover, artist, host/hostess, or knife enthusiast.

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For my exact knife I chose a rosewood handle and black titanium blade with the Art Nouveau design. Weighing just a little over an ounce and only 4 1/2 inches in length with the blade closed it’s sleek and lightweight enough to carry every day. The design is beautiful and feminine with a little edge.. no pun intended. I feel so honored to get the opportunity to customize my own Deejo and cannot wait to design more to gift to friends and family.

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Head over to Deejo’s site to start designing your own!

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