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Top 30 Prettiest Lavender Nail Design Ideas (2023 Update)

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Lavender nails are so in right now! If you enjoy elegant looks and you like lighter colors you’re going to enjoy this article. Here, we are going to present some of the prettiest lavender options that will suit you. These are so popular and common for the spring season, so make sure that you rock them with full confidence when the time comes!

Lavender Nail: FAQ

Lavender Nail FAQ
Credit: Instagram

1. What Are Lavender Nails?

Lavender nails are also known as lilac nails. These are gorgeous, soft, feminine, as well as light-colored nails that look fancy without being too overpowering. If you’re someone who likes pastel colors you’re also going to enjoy this design as your new go-to.

2. Who Can Go For This Manicure?

Lavender nails can be long & short + they can come in all sorts of shapes and lengths! Usually, these are worn by women who enjoy elegant and office-friendly manicures that are not too flashy or dramatic. These can be worn by any age group, as long as you’re someone who likes simplicity over-complicated ideas.

3. What Is A Common Price For This Manicure?

Expect to pay around $30 for simple nail polish work. If you book a gel manicure, you’re looking at $50. Longer and extravagant acrylic nails are usually around $90. The final price point will depend on the expertise and knowledge of your nail master and artist.

4. How To Do Lavender Nails On Your Own?

The best part about lavender nails is that they are some of those that you can recreate and do on your own! If you’re someone who likes cute looks and monochrome options, you’re going to like this outcome. Here is how to achieve this manicure on your own and at the comfort of your home: Step

Step 1: Work with a clean base that is free of polish or any residue.

Step 2: add a primer on top to prep the nail for the polish itself.

Step 3: color your nail plate with your favorite pastel purple or lavender nail polish from the beginning to the top.

Step 4: once the polish dries set it with a topcoat. Make sure that you are neat and precise when it comes to your application.

Oval & Almond Lavender Nail Designs

1. Lavender Nail Art Designs

Lavender Nail Art Designs
Image Source:@nailsbynoeliaa

Wear this cute oval manicure and go for a lilac French tip! Anyone who enjoys everyday nails and cute ideas will like this for their everyday wear. It is also the perfect office nail creation and perfect for workaholic women!

2. Light Lavender Nail Designs

Light Lavender Nail Designs
Image Source:@luis.nailartist

This oval lilac manicure will look amazing with a pop of gold. You can also add this flower detail to make it more intriguing. Anyone who likes to wear spring-inspired nails will also like this design for any upcoming event.

3. Lavender Purple Nail Designs

Lavender Purple Nail Designs
Image Source:@jissel.e

Super long and shiny, who wouldn’t love these nails? These will look cute and creative for party women. If you want something that is feminine and done in lilac color, give it a go with this creation. Go for acrylics and show off their pure beauty in this extravagant way.

4. Short Lavender Nail Designs

Short Lavender Nail Designs
Image Source:@nailsbymartha_

These lilac nails will look the best on workaholic women who need an office manicure and a cute design that is ideal for minimalism lovers. If you’re someone who enjoys shorter low-maintenance ideas give it a go with this outcome.

5. Lavender Summer Nail Designs

Lavender Summer Nail Designs
Image Source:@andreea_nailtechiasi

Shorter nails are for those who like low-maintenance manicures. Add a subtle sticker detail to your ring finger to make your nails artsier. Wear them for formal or everyday events, this is up to you!

6. Long Cool Lavender Nail Designs

Long Cool Lavender Nail Designs
Image Source:@jackies.nailparlor

Bright lilac nails and this shape will suit women who like to get noticed with their design. Do you like pastel colors? If so, give it a go with this manicure! It will look and work the best on women who have acrylics and those who prefer to look elegant and extra every day!

7. Natural Lavender Nails

Natural Lavender Nails
Image Source:@reina_careandbeauty

These lilac oval nails will look great on anyone who is into natural everyday manicures. Set your gel manicure with a glossy top coat to make it look even more feminine. Show them off for daywear since they are so cute and subtle without being too hard to maintain.

8. Long Acrylic Lavender Nails

Long Acrylic Lavender Nails
Image Source:@tjasa_lepotni_studio

Add a subtle glitter detail to your lilac manicure to make it fancy. This gemstone will show off your perky and feminine persona. If you’re someone who enjoys and prefers longer nails a lot more, you’re going to like this design the most.

9. Short Floral Lavender Nail Designs

Short Floral Lavender Nail Designs
Image Source:@minuitmagosse

Does your nail artist know how to do nail art? Are they creative and skilled when it comes to fancy manicures? If they are into detailed art and they know how to recreate similar nail creations, book them immediately! The end result is feminine, subtle, and elegant, ideal for women who enjoy floral creations.

10. Sweet Lilac Lavender Nails

Sweet Lilac Lavender Nails
Image Source:@magical_nails_mxli

This short lilac manicure is cute and you can easily achieve it and recreate it on your own. If you have shorter nails give it a go with this design. Add some cute polka dot details to add a bit more elegance and an element of unusual pop to your design.

Square & Stiletto Lavender Nail Designs

1. French Manicure Lavender Nails

French Manicure Lavender Nails
Image Source:@nailskravchyk

French nails are cute and elegant. This manicure will suit workaholic women who need something fancy. If you are looking for something for everyday wear and if you’re on the lookout for an elegant nail design, go with this print. French lilac nails will look perfect for mature women who need something cute for the office.

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2. Lavender Glitter Nails

Lavender Glitter Nails
Image Source:@katjagrudnik

These purple lilac nails with loads of glitter will look cute and artsy. If you need some elegance and you prefer shiny ideas you’re going to like this outcome. Women who like party-perfect nails are going to like this outcome. Glitter will always attract looks, so why not test it out?

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3. Lavender And Silver Nail Designs With Glitter

Lavender And Silver Nail Designs With Glitter
Image Source:@bonitalizzy_

Super long coffin nails are so in right now! If you’re looking for a noticeable manicure and you’re a fan of acrylics, you’re going to like this outcome. Heads up since it is a time-consuming design that only some nail artists will know how to do. You are looking at 2 hours spent at a beauty salon, so heads up.

4. Lavender Nail Designs Coffin

Lavender Nail Designs Coffin
Image Source:@borcsanails

The perfect prom nails according to most women! Are you someone who likes a lot of glitter? If so, give it a go with this short square-shaped manicure. It is perfect for any age group.

5. Long Acrylic Purple Lavender Nails

Long Acrylic Purple Lavender Nails
Image Source:@clawsbyyessie

Are you into extravagant nails? Do you prefer longer acrylics over shorter subtle designs? Rock these nails for your birthday or prom! They will look the best with loads of glitter on top of this lilac base. Don’t forget to add a lot of shine and some gemstones to them as well.

6. White & Lilac Lavender Nails

White & Lilac Lavender Nails
Image Source:@_nailsbykat

If you’re into simplicity yet length you’re going to enjoy these nails. They are perfect for any age group, while they are quite bold and extravagant. Women who prefer elegance and those who wish to seek looks with their chosen manicure – heads up, this is perfect for you.

7. Simple Lavender Nail Designs

Simple Lavender Nail Designs
Image Source:@dk_naails

Women who prefer monochrome nails are going to love this concept. If you want a lilac manicure that is not too flashy and you are someone who likes elegance, this is a must-do!

8. Lavender With Gold Nail Designs

Lavender With Gold Nail Designs
Image Source:@natalieincnails

Super long and quite brave-looking, these nails are for anyone who lives for acrylics. Show that you can rock such long and attention-seeking nails and that they go well with your character. If you’re someone who is bold and always in the center of attention, these nails will suit you. Make sure that you have 2 hours to spare when at a salon getting them.

9. Cute Lavender Polish Manicure

Cute Lavender Polish Manicure
Image Source:@studio_elis_mooca

If you wish to do your own manicure with simple nail polish, give this design a go! It will look so cute with your favorite lilac polish shade, as well as on top of your natural square manicure and shorter length. Anyone who needs something for everyday wear that is not too hard to achieve – give it a go with this!

10. Short Square Lavender Nails

Short Square Lavender Nails
Image Source:@lumiere_nailroom

Short and sweet, this square-shaped manicure will look amazing on those who prefer subtle looks and easy-to-do nail designs. If you want you can also give it a go with this manicure in a gel form. The end result will look the best on workaholic women who need something for simpler wear.

11. Lavender Nails With Polka Dots

Lavender Nails With Polka Dots
Image Source:@nails_antonella_modena

If your nail artist knows how to draw, ask them for this manicure. If you’re someone who prefers polka dots and glitter, why not combine the best of both worlds and rock this outcome? These will look the best on younger women and those who have an important event going on.

12. Lavender Ombre Nail Designs

Lavender Ombre Nail Designs
Image Source:@bjusifulnails

If your nail artist is skilled enough to do ombré nails, go for this manicure. Ombré nail ideas will look pretty despite your nail length. Go for a defined coffin or square shape to fully embrace and enjoy this soft lilac vibe.

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13. Floral Art Lavender Manicure

Floral Art Lavender Manicure
Image Source:@envynailart

This light pastel color will look so cute on those who need a spring-inspired design. If you’re a fan of nail stickers or nail art, this outcome will suit you! Rock and represent these nails for your prom or birthday, they are perfect for younger women.

14. French Lilac Nails With Flowers

French Lilac Nails With Flowers
Image Source:@goldenita_nails

Do you like to wear cute floral designs? If pink and lilac are your favorite colors, you’re going to like this duo! Show off your cute pink base and draw some dark purple flowers on top. Anyone who is into nail art and women who like to wear different creations will also appreciate the beauty of this as their new design. Heads up since nail art might take some time for you or your nail tech to master.

15. Long Acrylics Lavender Coffin Nails

Long Acrylics Lavender Coffin Nails
Image Source:@_homegirlnails_

Super long and bold stiletto nails, who wouldn’t love them?! These are so extravagant and fancy, mostly worn by women who have an important date, birthday, or formal event going on. If you are a fan of acrylics why not combine the best of both worlds and rock this manicure in its full glory?

16. Lilac Purple Manicure With Gemstones

Lilac Purple Manicure With Gemstones
Image Source:@dnnails916

Bold and long is the way you like it? If so, try out this concept! These ultra-long acrylics with some gemstone details will look lovely on party women. If you are into square shapes and you want to be the center of attention, you’re going to achieve it all easily with this design!

17. Square Manicure Lavender Nail Print

Square Manicure Lavender Nail Print
Image Source:@rainbowwnails21

Combine the best of both worlds and rock this ombré and French manicure! If you’re someone who enjoys longer nails just know that this will mean that there’s a lot more space for your creativity and play-time! These nails will take you around 3 hours to achieve when at a nail salon, so heads up before you book your session.

18. Nail Art Lavender Nails

Nail Art Lavender Nails
Image Source:@chandi_naildit

Why not add all the different prints and nail art stickers on top of your nails? This manicure will look cute and elegant while being definitely one of its kind! If you wish to be a trendsetter when it comes to your nails, give it a go with this bold, long, square-shaped acrylic design.

19. Floral Lavender Manicure With Glitter

Floral Lavender Manicure With Glitter
Image Source:@__nailsbyjoanna

Go for a clear base underneath but spice up your design with some retro flowers and a lilac pop on top. Women who know how to enjoy and rock longer manicures will enjoy this design. Add some gemstones ad well to make it fancier. The end result will suit brides, as well as birthday girls the best!

20. Heart Manicure Lavender Nails

Heart Manicure Lavender Nails
Image Source:@nailedbyfani

Lastly, why not give it a go with this lilac glitter manicure? Women who prefer acrylics and longer looks will enjoy recreating this design. Go for a heart-shaped symbol made out of glitter if you wish to show your love and respect in your own feminine way.

Find Your Perfect Lavender

So, what did you enjoy the most? Let us know which lavender manicure is your favorite from the list! We would love to know what you plan on wearing in the near future.

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