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Top 31 Gorgeous Short Christmas Nail Design Ideas

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Are you looking for your next Christmas manicure idea? Not too sure what to pick out when it comes to these festive and cute nails? The truth is, a lot of us like to get fancy and chic-looking, as well as elegant for the Christmas period. We tend to do our hair, makeup, and nails while preparing a gorgeous outfit: if you want some help with amazing nails and a chic short Christmas manicure, keep on reading. Here is what we recommend that you get!


1. What Are Some Christmas Nails?

Not too sure what to pick out when it comes to this holiday? You can explore loads of different options. In this article, we’re mostly going to focus on colors that are popular and common for the festival season. Those are red, green and gold. You can also stick to some glitter and white because white resembles a snowflake.

2. How To Do Christmas Nails?

This depends on what you plan on doing. You can easily do this manicure on your own with the right equipment. In most cases, you’re going to need the most basic tools and items, such as a base coat, your chosen polish color, a nail file, and a topcoat. Here is how the process is going to look like:

Step 1: prime your nails with a nail primer. Let it dry for 2 minutes.

Step 2: add your chosen nail polish color. Place two coats of it.

Step 3: add some glitter, fun and cool lines, as well as some other accessories and additions that you fancy.

Step 4: set your manicure in place with your favorite top coat.

Step 5: this is optional – cut, shape, file, or buff your nails in any way you fancy and that suits you. You will enjoy these nails for at least 5-7 days to come.

3. How Pricey Are Christmas Nails?

Christmas nails will vary in price based on the style that you go for. For instance, gel nails are usually around $30. If you end up getting a regular polish you will pay $20. Acrylic nails can be up to $60. The more additions and glitter you add on, the pricier the final outcome.

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Top 31 Short Christmas Nail Design Ideas

1. Short Glitter Christmas Nails

Short Glitter Christmas Nails
Image Source:@beautebyaimee

Try out this cute and cool glitter and nude manicure. If you prefer shorter nails and you know how to draw on top of them and do this cool art, this will suit you. Decorate your nails with some Santa prints, snowflakes, or shiny glitter details. If green is your favorite color this manicure is going to suit you.

2. White Christmas Nails

White Christmas Nails
Image Source:@polishedvictoria

You can stick to these truly classy nails and represent this gorgeous formal manicure on a daily. You will love these if you’re a fan of French nails and designs that are perfect for the office. Create some depth with this snowflake design and you will enjoy these for your big or simple activities. White and nude is always a safe bet.

3. Red & White Christmas Nails

Red & White Christmas Nails
Image Source:@cuteicles_by_dannika

Are you a candy lover? You do know that candy is a common and occurring theme during this period? This is why it is going to look so good when placed on top of your nails. Make sure that you have patience and that you can draw these straight white and red lines on top to achieve this retro idea.

4. Short Square Christmas Nails

Short Square Christmas Nails
Image Source:@cxnailartist

Combine red and green if you’re a true fan of gorgeous Christmas nails. This square-shaped manicure will make you look like a little playful kid who still values and loves this pattern, a ton of color, and glitter or stickers. Red and green are the most common go-to mix and match colors, which means that you’re going to enjoy this duo for sure.

5. Coffin Green & White Manicure

Coffin Green & White Manicure
Image Source:@polishedvictoria

Want to try out something more feminine and low-key? Are you into light green or white nails? This duo will represent your two favorite things: a Christmas tree and snow. They will suit teens the best.

6. Natural Nails Red Color

Natural Nails Red Color
Image Source:@bambinailss

In the mood for something chic and classy? This all-red manicure is a common go-to by women who like elegant and feminine nails. These can be worn by workaholic women. They will look perfect for the office and any upcoming office parties. If you’re a fan of elegance over anything else, this is for you! The best part? It will take you less than 30 minutes to achieve this manicure.

7. Short Oval Christmas Nails

Short Oval Christmas Nails
Image Source:@botanicalbeauty_

Go for a light pink or nude base and a pop of red. These nails in this oval shape will look so feminine and elegant. Are you someone who likes your natural nails? You can easily do this manicure on your own. Simply add some small dots and try to recreate these cherries. They will look so feisty and playful when done the right way.

8. Square Green Christmas Nails

Square Green Christmas Nails
Image Source:@botanicalbeauty_

This dark green coffin manicure is for women who like straightforward and fierce-looking nails. You will like the design even more by adding a pop of gold to them. One wiggly line across the entire nail plate will look so party-perfect and you will enjoy pairing them with some gold jewelry.

9. Oval Glitter & French Christmas Nails

Oval Glitter & French Christmas Nails
Image Source:@botanicalbeauty_

This oval manicure with a ton of glitter is for women who like to look fancy and elegant. Are you one of those women? Simply add one snowflake detail and these nails will look Christmas-ideal! When decorated with a ton of glitter these nails will look ideal for your NYE or Christmas parties. Make sure that you are patient when it comes to the French manicure part, it has to look neat.

10. Oval Glitter Christmas Nails

Oval Glitter Christmas Nails
Image Source:@_nailsbymiax

How about some sparkly green glitter nails? This manicure is for women who like to stand out and look chic. These will suit younger girls and those who are in the mood for something that is party-inspired. Time-wise, it will take you around 40 minutes to do this manicure.

11. Classy Feminine Christmas Nails

Classy Feminine Christmas Nails
Image Source:@merakistudio_ms

These short red nails are the perfect inspo for the Christmas season! You should add a mistletoe and spice up the design with this retro print. Make sure that you take your time with this design. It requires precision and a pair of steady hands. You will like this beauty if you’re someone who is a true little artist. They will suit women who are in their twenties the best.

12. Square Manicure Red & White

Square Manicure Red & White
Image Source:@nails_mon_qg_beauty_

Ho-ho-ho! It looks like Santa is here! Or at least has landed on your fingernails. Are you a true Christmas lover? Do you know how to do these little details on top and on your own? If so, give these a go! Draw a little cap detail on top and you’re going to enjoy the red French detail as well. It will take you around 40-50 minutes to recreate this manicure on your own.

13. Short Green Red Nails

Short Green Red Nails
Image Source:@christmas_amore

Combine red and green to truly get into that holiday and festive vibe and spirit. You can also add a bit of glitter to one of your nails. This manicure will suit younger women the best. They are so chic and simple without being too overwhelming. You will also like them in this short oval shape.

14. Oval Red French Christmas Nails

Oval Red French Christmas Nails
Image Source:@myglamstyleuk

How about this red French glitter manicure? Not a lot of women dare to wear this beauty. Go for an oval shape to make them look more elegant and feisty. If you’re a fan of classy looks and you also need something that is office-friendly, this is for you! Women who like to wear that little red dress and red lipstick will enjoy this vibe.

15. Short Elegant Nude Nails

Short Elegant Nude Nails
Image Source:@nailsby_eleonora

Go with this coffin shape to spice up the design. You will also enjoy a nude base underneath the nail. Add a ton of white either through a snowflake detail or with some ombré prints. Heads up since this manicure is quite hard to do. It will take you around one hour to achieve it. However, it might be best to pay $40 for a skilled nail artist to recreate it for you.

16. Colorful Stickers Christmas Nails

Colorful Stickers Christmas Nails
Image Source:@801mpnails_

Are you still a little kid in your heart? Do you like to play with different colors and patterns? This manicure is for those who like playful nails and women who like to look fierce. Make sure that you prepare all of these nail stickers to speed up the process.

17. Lime Green And Glitter Short Nails

Lime Green And Glitter Short Nails
Image Source:@_.gio_nails._

Light green or lime green nails are for women who like to wear and always try out something new. Add a pop of glitter on top to give them that festive vibe. These nails will look the best when done in a coffin or square shape.

18. Tree Detail Short Manicure

Tree Detail Short Manicure
Image Source:@nicolathebeautybox

Super short nails can also look so sweet. If you’re a fan of low-key and minimalistic nails you’re going to like this beauty. It will take you less than 30 minutes to recreate this design. Make sure that you have some nail stickers and nail glitter to recreate this beauty. It is a must-do if you have a party where you wish to stand out and look like a true queen!

19. Blue & Grey Short Nails

Blue & Grey Short Nails
Image Source:@ivana_brontvajova

Grey nails can also look festive and elegant. You don’t have to do a lot to make them stand out. Simply choose 2-3 different nail polish colors and play with the design. Add a snowflake detail with white nail polish and you’re going to like the outcome. These will suit younger women and those who are in the mood for something chic.

20. Oval Nails Short Design

Oval Nails Short Design
Image Source:@raluca_epuran

This oval manicure is for women who like to look elegant and flirty. You can play with green and glitter to make the design so stylish. The end result is perfect for parties or casual gatherings. Expect to pay around $40 for this manicure.

21. Metallic Short Christmas Nails

Metallic Short Christmas Nails
Image Source:@nails_by_jentine

Metallic nails can also look so cute and feisty! Do you like to stand out and always try something new? Are you a fan of elegance and a bit of sass? This metallic green manicure is for women who want to stand out. Make sure that you find the right nail polish for this design. It will take some time to find yours “the one”, but you’re going to enjoy the final outcome.

22. Burgundy Red Christmas Nails

Burgundy Red Christmas Nails

Go for this red and white manicure if you like feminine and flirty ideas. This design is for anyone who likes elegance. Play with these two colors to achieve this gorgeous outcome. Stick to an oval shape since it will make these nails pop and look really flirty and feminine. Women who are in their thirties are going to like this manicure the most.

23. Red & Gold Short Christmas Nails

Red & Gold Short Christmas Nails
Image Source:@nailsbystepht

Gold, red and white are some of the most common colors when it comes to Christmas. Do you like elegant and flirty nails? These will look awesome on you! Try out this color combo and shape to show your flirty side. These will suit mature women and those who have a party going on. Spice up the look with your favorite red lipstick to round up the look.

24. Purple French Short Christmas Nails

Purple French Short Christmas Nails
Image Source:@cg_nails_lashes_brows

Try out this French glitter manicure if you’re a fan of elegant looks. Color the top of your nails in this cool glitter design and show off their beauty. Add a simple snowflake detail to make them more festive. You can also add one glitter or gemstone detail to make them more feminine and stylish.

25. Colorful Natural & Short Manicure

Colorful Natural & Short Manicure
Image Source:@nail._.ahra⠀

How about you color each of your nails in a different color? This gorgeous concept is for women who have a tough time making up their minds when it comes to their nails. If you’re a fan of random and diverse looks this will definitely suit you.

26. Holiday Inspired Manicure

Holiday Inspired Manicure
Image Source:@francesrose_beauty

Try out this nude nail base with a pop of red. Recreate this red and white candy pattern since it screams for attention! If you’re someone who knows how to draw and you always pay close attention to little details, this is a must-do in your case. Make sure that you have a small nail brush to get this design seamless and truly precise.

27. Oval Blue Short Christmas Nails

Oval Blue Short Christmas Nails
Image Source:@a_jyu_nailsalon

Consider pairing these two colors together! You’re going to enjoy grey and pastel blue on top of your clear or white base. Add some cool glitter details and gemstones on top to make these very feminine and formal. Women who want something chic and cool that is perfect for mature age groups, this is it!

28. Green & White Duo Christmas Nails

Green & White Duo Christmas Nails
Image Source:@beautybar_bymary

Green color stands for optimism and envy. Decorate your manicure with a pop of gold if you want to look elegant for the Christmas party! Also, consider going for some gold jewelry to make the look more cohesive and playful.

29. Short Red And Green Christmas Nails

Short Red And Green Christmas Nails
Image Source:@nail_salon_ivory

This short red and green oval manicure practically screams for Christmas vibes! If you are in the mood for something colorful and sweet yet so short and low-maintenance, this is for you! Women who want practical, quick & easy as well as stylish shorter nails will like this beauty.

30. Oval Green Glitter Christmas Nails

Oval Green Glitter Christmas Nails
Image Source:@scratchmagazine

Play around with a ton of glitter! As we all know it, glitter makes everything so much more fun and feminine! This oval manicure with green hue of color will look so elegant for the Christmas season. Make sure that you use high-quality and pigmented glitter to end up with this design.

31. Lime Green Glitter Christmas Nails

Lime Green Glitter Christmas Nails
Image Source:@thebeautyroombysarah

Lime green nails are usually worn by younger women who like color and wish to stand out. This short and sweet, yet bright, manicure will make everything so fancy! Pair it along with some cool jewelry and know that these nails will leave everyone breathless!

New And Cute Nail Time

Are you ready to wear and try out any of these cool nails? If you’re a low-maintenance and short-nail type of girl you’re going to like our recommended options. Let us know what you fancy the most out of the bunch, we can’t wait to see you rocking something new.

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