Two Block Haircut Vs. Undercut

Two Block Haircut Vs. Undercut: Tips To Follow The Newest Korean Hair Trend

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People have been in love with undercut hairstyles for so long now. Native from late 19th century Germany, the undercut style continued to have ups and downs regarding its popularity.

However, time brings different switches and hairstyle sparklings, and so do the undercut hairstyles.

The two-block haircut is by far the newest trend when it comes to undercutting lovers. With a different vibe, much fresh than the classic one, the two-block haircut is the latest obsession among Korean young men.

Those who feel like they need a makeover in their lives should consider switching to the new two-block haircut.

However, what is the main differences between the two hairstyles? What is the natural crossing between the two cuts? The following information will shed light on hairstyling wonders and answer most of this look’s queries.

Is The Two Block Haircut The Same With Undercut?

Is The Two Block Haircut The Same With Undercut
Credit: Instagram

The two-block haircut is quite similar to the undercut; however, there are still some noticeable differences. What is mainly unalike is the shave-off lower part.

The hairstylist will shave the low amount down the sides and leave many volumes around the crown area.

Indeed a hairstyling hype in Korea, where it originated from, the two-block haircut can be easily considered an upgraded undercut. What makes this look a true statement are the shaved sides and back.

Stylists will also prefer to trim these parts to a concise length are essential to keep in mind. This is the apparent difference between these two fashionable looks. This contrast of lengths is easily noticeable and is also the reason for this style’s boost.

Main Characteristics of A Two Block Haircut

Main Characteristics of A Two Block Haircut
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The two-block haircut has lately gained popularity and much more attention due to the K-Pop idols and Korean stars. These famous Koreans use the two-block haircut as part of their public image, making their fans simply adore this look.

While the two-block haircut was initially popular among the male presence, things changed, and many girls started adopting this charming look. Here are some of the main features of the two-block hairstyle:

  • The top of the two-block haircut has a medium to long length (it all depends on each one’s preferences)
  • The overall look is a cutting-edge hairstyle
  • Very short to thin or shaved sides
  • A longer top accompanies the lower back of the hair
  • Improved version of the undercut hairstyle, with a sharper and disconnected look
  • While the first “block” is a lot shorter and sharper, the second block, also known as the crown, is left with a much longer length.

Some people still believe that the two-block haircut is quite similar to the bowl cut (1). Well, this is partially true. When it comes to the two-block cuts, the faded-up part is what makes the Korean haircut unique. Furthermore, there are multiple ways to style the hair once adopting this look. People can either sleek the hair on their back or keep a middle part on the side of their head.

Although some voices will still correlate the two-block style with the bowl haircut, experts and passionate will still know about the differences between these two looks.

The Features Of Undercut Haircut

The Features Of Undercut Haircut
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The similarity between these two haircuts, meaning the two-block one and the undercut is the phenomenon vibe in men’s hairstyles.

Now, let’s offer a bit of context to the undercut haircut. This hairstyle (2), hated by some, loved by others, was most popular among the working-class men of the 20th century. So, the sides of the undercut style were often buzzed short, that being the main feature of this look.

However, during decades, the undercut quickly started being associated with the escalating street crime in some industrial cities from Britain.

No wonder all the pictures from the famous gangs in Salford Scuttlers or Glasgow Neds are picturing bad boys wearing the undercut hairstyle. An excellent reference is the Peaky Blinders (3), the best images for this iconic look from Birmingham.

Moving on, the undercut hairstyle met a true revival starting with the late 1980s and early 1990s. Barbers of that time used to style this undercut in different ways, by adding a fringe or some curtains.

Although people came with so many features on this haircut, soon, the undercut fell out of fashion. The downfall happened primarily due to the regrettable association with the mafia and bad boys gangs.

However, the dislike for this undercut style lasted only until the early 2010s, when the hipsterish vibe became more and more popular. Nevertheless, the stylists added some disconnected side ridges to imitate the hair trend between the 1920s-1930s.

The popularity of this hairstyle increased primarily due to the famous TV series and film “Peaky Blinders.”

So, in a nutshell:

  • Undercuts come with a fringe or curtains
  • The sides of the hair are often shaved all short
  • The contrast between the short and long upper part of the hair is abrupt and very visible

Undercuts Today

Undercuts Today
Credit: Instagram

Today’s undercut hairstyle is easy to distinguish due to the sharp contrast between the long hair on top and the shaved sides.

Although the undercuts have deep roots in some negative undergrounds, such as the delinquency and poverty back in Edwardian Britain, it is still a favorite among the hipster followers.

What is truly ironic about the undercut hairstyles is that its comeback happened even before hipsters thought it was fantastic. This hairstyle met a considerable backlash mainly because people started to associate the undercuts with Nazi Germany.

There is no news that photographs surprised some Wehrmacht soldiers wearing undercuts look. During those times, choosing this look was not random at the hairstyle suited the heavy combat helmets.

For decades, the undercut hairstyle was mainly referred to as “Hitler Hair,” which was quite controversial. This etiquette was followed by some others, such as “Fashy haircut” (coming from fascist and not fashion at all) or the “Jugend.”

Things got even more critical when Kim Jong-un wore a similar haircut during his coming to power in late 2011.

As mentioned above, the true hype appeared during the BBC series, Peaky Blinders, which was a turning point regarding this old-fashioned haircut. The audience was intrigued and shocked when they saw the protagonists wearing these aggressive haircuts. And they loved it.

Although some would still argue on the haircut background, still thinking about the 1990s subculture styles or the post-World War I undercuts, this hairstyle is a trend. The undercut increased in popularity considering its ambassadors, like David Beckham, who wore and endorsed this style.

How To Style An Undercut Haircut Vs. The Two-Block Hairstyle

How To Style An Undercut Haircut Vs. The Two-Block Hairstyle
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The way, the time, and the energy in styling a man’s haircut is something to consider when choosing the new hair makeover. There are similarities and differences when it comes to arranging these looks:

Styling An Undercut Haircut

It is essential to mention that the undercut hairstyle is genuinely versatile, matching almost anyone eager and patient enough to add some hairstyling products.

Just like a fade, the undercut is only a small component of the whole look. Although some people still think the undercut is only some long hair on top, all slicked back, well, the foundation of this hair makeover is more complex and versatile.

Unlike the two-block haircut, which is more faded, the hair’s transition between the shaved sides and the longer hair on top is quite apparent.

It is pretty easy to notice the undercut hairstyle due to the disconnection or strong separation between the top and the sides. Now, the undercut can be beautifully paired with almost anything on the top side. And this is usually due to the strong contrast we mentioned above. Men don’t need to do too much and use lots of hair styling products to get a stylish finish.

What helps in this direction is the clear distinction between the long top of the hair and the shaved sides. Those who want to accentuate this even more can get this look by shaving the side part.

On the other hand, men can opt for a lower fade if their lifestyle is more formal. Sometimes, this hairstyle can even feature a v-shaped finish, which should be applied to the top crown.

Styling The KPop Two Block Haircut

On the other hand, styling the two-block haircut is not a pain and shouldn’t be an effort. As long as men learn to buy suitable styling projects, such as texturizing sprays, dry shampoos, or volume sprays, everything will be more accessible, and the styling work is revealed a lot.

Many Asian men will choose to have a more extended fringe in different pastel colors or simply curl this part of their hair. At the same time, men can choose from different hair lengths for their crown.

This decision should consider each one’s lifestyle and everyday activities- from long to clean-cut look, and it is only up to people’s preference.

  • The short version of the two-block haircut is more suited to those who are working in a professional environment, meaning the gentleman-like style;
  • The longer, colorful version will better suit those who don’t have strict appearance standards and can experiment with lengths, colors, and shapes;

However, some people might think that a two-block haircut will take an eternity to look perfect. Well, apparently, men will need only a blow-drying after the shower and a tiny amount of wax for professional styling.

Some will choose to maintain the hair sides and the back of the hair all trimmed, so they won’t need to go to the salon once a week; others will prefer to leave their hair longer. Styling the two-block haircut will take just a few minutes.

There are still some essential tools for a fantastic result: a blow dryer, a hair comb, and a minimal amount of gel or wax. Choosing the famous Korean hairstyle is usually low maintenance and requires little effort, time, and money.

The Acceptable Face Shapes For Undercuts

Professionals might already know the following information; however, it is always wise to have a check-up and confirm their knowledge before offering a hair makeover.

The following face shapes are the suited ones for wearing an undercut; however, it is good to be aware of some styling pitfalls in advance:

The Acceptable Face Shapes For Undercuts
Credit: Tattooed MArtha

Diamond Face Shape

When it comes to undercuts, stylists will never recommend this hair makeover for those having a diamond face shape. This type of face has robust features, as well as hardly pronounced cheekbones.

However, even some famous actors from Peaky Blinders succeeded in wearing an undercut even with a diamond-faced shape. As a tip, the undercut should be very sharp and not too faded.

Oblong Shape

Undercut hairstyle might not suit everyone, especially those with oblong faces. Nevertheless, those who genuinely want this hair makeover should keep the height on top as minimal as possible.

Triangle Face Shape

Triangle face shapes should experiment with undercuts. However, the sides should stay as low as the stylist can.

Heart Face Shape

Those having a heart face shape should stay away from the undercut style, as it might be a real struggle to style this look. Due to the tight sides of this hairstyle, the heart-shaped faces will be even more accentuated, especially the broad forehead.

Furthermore, the style will expose the small chins instead of harmonizing everything.

Face Shapes To Suit Two-Block Haircut

The two-block haircut is by far one of the most potent look-trends in Korea and has been instantly becoming iconic.

Due to this rising popularity, set the two-block on different variations, making this hairstyle truly versatile and tailored to suit almost any face shape and personal style. The two-block hairstyle is the right choice for a formal and casual image, from a messy look to a very sleek one.

Maintaining A Two-Block Haircut

The main perk of having a two-block haircut is that it can elongate almost any facial feature. As a consequence, the final look will be so clean and chic.

More than its versatility, the two-block haircut is easy to maintain and will always add a young and refresh vibe to youngsters or seniors. Using a trimmer to shorten the sides and lower part from the top of the hair will be enough.

Asking For A Two Block Haircut

Asking For A Two Block Haircut
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Deciding to have a two-block haircut should not take men too long. Nevertheless, it is a priority to know what to ask for. Hairstylists should know about the style and length some man wants. It is also wise to have a sample photo, so the hairstylist will know exactly what they wish for.

Essential things a hairstylist should know before start cutting the hair:

  • The fading size someone wants (whether it is a #6 or a #4 guard, even a #2 one)
  • How the top should look like (should it be like a bowl or let the downwards fall)
  • Discuss the length of the top so that it won’t be too short

Every barbershop is quite different, and the styles of the specialists working here can be a bit contrasting. However, the easiest and precise way to obtain the favorite look is by showing pictures.

Luckily, many Korean artists have chosen the two-block haircut as their main look, so finding some relevant pictures will be easy, as the Internet and magazines are full of these examples. It is essential to make sure that the hairstylist has understood the difference between an undercut and a two-block cut style.

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Growing Undercut Hair vs. Two Block Haircut

Those looking for an undercut style should leave their hair growing slightly longer, so the transition between the head sides and the top will be visible.

On the other hand, those who wish to look at the Korean stars should grow their hair a bit longer until they achieve a medium length. The easiest way to do this is by trimming the hair on the sides and the back of the head.

Final Contents

Like most Korean trends, the two-block haircut is by far an iconic look that is still going viral.

Dealing with messy bed hair should not be a permanent struggle, so whether someone chooses a two-block haircut or an undercut, the appearance will be fashionable.

While the two-block haircut is the new trendy hairdo, the undercut remains a classic.

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