Wine Glass Terrariums

Wine Glass Terrariums

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Yesterday I did a guest blog post for Sweet Athena! These crafty and creative ladies have been best friends since middle school and always have a wide array of topics to blog about. Be sure to check them out and become fans on Facebook! Here’s my post..

I wanted to create an eye catching centerpiece for our new home that was also low maintenance. I seem to have a black thumb when it comes to flowers, so I went the simple route.. succulents and cacti! These are great if you’re a little bit forgetful when it comes to plants!


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3 succulents and/or cacti

3 wine glasses at varying heights

River stones (found at most craft stores)

Potting soil

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Add river stones to the bottoms of your wine glasses about ½” to 1″ deep.

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Add a small amount of potting soil, plant succulent or cactus, and fill in remaining area with soil, leaving about an inch of room from the top of the glass.

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Add some river stones around the top to finish it off!

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Give them direct sunlight every day for at least 5 or 6 hours and water every 2 weeks. After watering, there shouldn’t be more than an inch of water visible in the stones at the bottom.

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